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9 thoughts on “Canada Supreme Court Upholds Ontario's Pit Bull Ban: Rules Ban is Constitutional

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  1. Isn't interesting that Courts of Law regulary make judicial FINDINGS OF FACT that indicate the unpredictability, tenacity, dangerousness, strength, pain tolerance and manner of bite, hold and shake. Courts of law are unbiased.

    How come the AKC, UKC, ADBA, Best Friends, Cesar Millan, AFF and others don't make similar findings?

    The law supports pit bull bans. Period. Lobby the hell out of your local city councils, do the research….The LAW IS CLEAR.

  2. Last year the US Supreme Court refused to hear Tellings vs Toledo…there is no appeal and IT IS LAW!

  3. The court supported the truth and the citizens in this case.

    Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and the rest support the false and the pit bull breeder economy.

  4. It's simple. The court has no vested monetary interest in promoting pit bulls or advocating for them as pets. All of the above mentioned organizations and people, AKC, UKC, Best Friends, Cesar Millan, etc. do. They make money promoting, rescuing, breeding, fighting, "rehabbing", and otherwise advocating for pit bulls, so of course they aren't going to let the money train leave the station if they can at all help it.

  5. I think you will be seeing many more bans and regulation of pits before it is over. I also have found that if you argue enough with these pit nutters, they show themselves for what they are, nuts. And this goes a long way to convince people that their information has to be nuts too.

  6. The Mauling Fancy loses once again!

    Time to get to work breeding safer dogs…I suggest getting down to Texas and culling the pups produced by the two Pits that killed Justin Clinton. Afterall, Human Aggressive Pits were always culled….

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