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52 thoughts on “The Resignation of Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon

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  1. Reindl and Konop have been bag boys for the DOG FIGHTERS and PIT BULL BREEDERS that are yanking their chains and manipulating them.

    This is a perfect example of government (Konop) and media (Reindl) corruption.

    They are doing nothing but colluding with the breeder/fighter industry to perpetuate the breeding and fighting of the most dangerous breeds in existence.

    Expect attack and mauling rates to go up in this county as pit bulls are handed out to disfigure and kill children after useless "temperament tests."

    Konop and Reindl should be held personally responsible for the medical bills of every person in that county hurt by pit bulls.

    Expect pets to be turned away from the shelter and die on the streets because pit bulls fill the cages and are held at taxpayer expense for months while some drooling "No Kill" fanatic tells the county everything is ok.

  2. "Mr. Konop said he doesn’t want to scrap the buyout plan and is inquiring with the county prosecutors’ office to see if a mechanism can be inserted that would exclude Mr. Skeldon."

    That's just gross.

  3. I have found chatter online that states that Ben Konop (an attorney by the way) is friendly with Nathan Winograd, and that Winograd (who is lobbying for the dog breeders and has been cited by dog fighters as representing their interests) has been manipulating Konop into this hate attack.

    Skeldon should sue Konop.

  4. Konop needs to get busted for promoting the interests of dog fighting in Ohio.

    His activity is downright criminal.

    He is lobbying for ORGANIZED CRIME.

  5. He might also sue the Blade for character assassination and continuing to print false and highly misleading information knowing full well that they were doing so.

  6. How about this comment from KC Blowhard's blog:

    Do not be fooled by Ben Konop comments. He acts like he cares, but he is just getting ready to run for mayor of Toledo. Ten of the eleven members of the new committee all live in Toledo. It was supposed to be a LUCAS COUNTY board and 10 from Toledo makes it a Toledo board. I have the list of the applicants and there were qualified applicants from the surrounding suburbs. Dale Emch (dog bite attorney) has no business being on there. Neither does the Toledo city councilwoman Wilma Brown who proposed the mandatory spay/neuter ordinance for pitbulls. Talk about conflict of interest. Sadly though when I asked people to send letters to the commissioners we only got a few sent. Perhaps people have forgotten that bsl surged because of Skeldon and his lies during the Tellings cases.

  7. what would you expect a group of psychopaths, neurotic rescue angels and pathological liars to say. this is probably the first time in ben's life that he has felt like he has been accepted. ben's enjoying the moment. and i have feeling that's all it is, a moment.

    try googling "ben konop is a liar".

  8. Konop "unsuccessfully" ran for mayor while serving as a Commissioner this past year. I guess he didn't knock on enough doors? That or the people of Lucas County aren't stupid!

  9. The people of Lucas County are in for a big surprise. Skeldon's Department ran exclusively off license revenue and drew no funding from the general fund. This is rarer than a BigFoot in the A/C world.

    Let the $300K Budget requests and lifeflights begin!!!!!!

  10. I don't understand why having to perpetually clean up the carnage of the Pit Bull community's underground economy(pumping out dogs without paying sales and income tax) is tolerated?!?

    How is a Government employee suppose to ethically adopt out dogs that are legally considered vicous animals in Ohio?

    NY City paid out a $5Million dollar settlement last year over this issue!

  11. According to the Yellow Blade's chart, of the 1,848 dogs euthanized, 932 were pit bulls! That's 50% of all shelter dogs and as designated by Lucas County policy, pit bulls are not adopted out as Ohio State law deems pit bulls as "vicious." So 50% of the Lucas County Animal Shelter "66% kill rate" is ONLY pit bulls. When pit bulls are taken OUT OF THE EQUATION, you're looking at a 33% kill rate, which likely qualifies as a Winograd NO KILL RATE!

  12. Here's what some of the nutters are saying:

    KC "Effer" Blog
    "Fantastic news! I hope he dies a slow and painful death for all the dogs he's murdered. Yes, murdered."

    Pit Bull Forum
    "ding dong the witch is dead!"

    Game-Dog (a forum for dogfighters)
    "Ben Konop seems like a pretty decent guy (for a politician), and is the only elected official who returned my correspondence when we moved here, and has really made an effort to get that @sshat out of office…"

  13. Below is a letter to the Editor of the Toledo Blade, sent 10/27/2009. It was never published.

    To the Editor, Toledo Blade

    Pit bull attack victims from Ohio, and from across the United States, have watched the coverage of the Lucas County Animal Control controversy by the Toledo Blade. As a pit bull victim, I would like to give you my thoughts. The attack of April 29, 2007 changed my life; I will never be the same. My horse, who took the worst of the attack, will never be the same either. We were instantly and violently drawn into this issue. Behind every pit bull attack that makes the news is a victim, just like me. Even though Ohio Revised Code requires insurance on vicious dogs, victims seldom see any reimbursement. We live with the physical and mental injuries, and we pay the bills.

    Much of the hysteria surrounding the Lucas County issue is generated far outside the borders of the county. You hear from national special interest groups daily. I’m an Ohio victim and I support Tom Skeldon and the job he is doing in Lucas County. The statistics given on the Lucas County Shelter are misleading. It is difficult to correctly generate statistics comparing shelters. The numbers are impacted by the demographics of the community and by the policies of the facility. A municipal shelter may well be the end of the line for animals, through no fault of the shelter. Easily placed animals go to a breed rescue, no-kill shelters will not accept difficult to place animals. The municipal shelter serves as the only place to take the vicious dog and common sense tells us that this dog should not go back out into the community. The concept of Best Practices changes constantly, if Lucas County Shelter practices need to be updated then by all means do it but blind breed advocacy without thoughtful breed stewardship only serves to create new victims, humans, pets and livestock. Pit bull dogs suffer as well, backyard bred puppies grow into adult dogs with a genetic heritage of violence. These dogs die in horrendous numbers in shelters across the country.

    No one should have to go through what I went through, every victim makes this same statement. Mr. Skeldon works hard to protect the residents of Lucas County every day, despite the shrill criticism of the pit bull lobby. We need men like Tom Skeldon do his job, he does it well.

  14. Jack Lessenberry = Brainless!

    A writer from the Yellow Blade is now trying to compare the situation of Tom Skeldon to that of the Washington Post's coverage of WATERGATE. You heard me correctly, WATERGATE. According to Jack Lessenberry (who must have less than an inch of active "brain tissue"), the "Dog warden coverage is public service journalism" much like WATERGATE. "In that case," he wrote, "the newspaper was the Washington Post, and the stories were about a pattern of government abuse called Watergate."

  15. Everyone who has been touched by a pit bull attack in Lucas county should be out demonstrating against Tom Skeldon's resignation. Organize, people, or they will win and the victims will continue to multiply.

  16. Game Dog exposes that the dog fighting community has been in personal contact with Ben Konop, and that Ben Konop has been working for the dog fighters to advance their business interests.

    Watergate? Ben Konop is a crook. He should put a Richard Nixon mask on. He makes Nixon look honest. At least Nixon didn't interact with organized crime that breeds dogs that kill people.

  17. Of course, the dummy pit bull criminals really haven't achieved anything. Skeldon was going to retire in a year anyway. He has been holding on for the welfare of every honest adult and child in his county, and he has prevented death.

    The public at large is hating pit bulls and pit bull advocates more and more, as more and more average people know or are related to people who have been savaged by pit bulls. The dog fighters and dog breeders, and their lobbyists, are losing the war because their dogs ARE dangerous and ARE spilling blood all over the country.

    The blood is flowing thanks to pit bulls, and people are getting mad and not taking it any more.

  18. The koolaid of "No Kill" is flowing freely in Toledo. And knowing that an attorney is in the mix traces it back to Winograd. He goes after those who can't make it in the legal profession, makes them shelter directors. If someone tells you that they paid all that money to become an attorney and then become a shelter director, you know these are not the brightest ones in their class. It is a well planned attack by the Whino, using those schooled in law to "scare" people. We all know that when "attorney" is mentioned we have a tendency to back off. The Whino is a master at intimidation and he is using these trained people to deliver it.

    Never fear, it doesn't take long to realize the failure of "No Kill". Rancho Cucamonga went down within three months of installing this program. Philly would have gone sooner but it was run by a non profit group (not subject to public information). Indy went down within 10 months. Before it is over, they will be begging Skelton to come back.

  19. More on Ben Konop the Liar and Crook

    Anonymous said…
    I was the heckler. My name is Maxwell. Ben Konop used to "hang" out with our group of friends. I know Ben and his lies. this is not a BOY we should have running anything. About the only thing he is good at is running lies and crap out of his mouth. On Sunday when the cameras were out he knocked on doors to address this water main issue , after the cameras had packed up, he and his lackeys took off. so much for giving a shit huh Ben. He knocked on 5 maybe 6 doors. You are a thief and liar . I will heckle again. Thank you: Maxwell the Heckler.

    June 30, 2009 9:55 AM

    Anonymous said…
    This is hilarious and Maxwell you are precious!!!!!! Thank you for doing your patriotic duty and not letting this idiot grandstand like he always does. I say this should be the standard when Benny and his lackeys are out camera whoring. Boooooooooooo!!!!!!!

    June 30, 2009 10:59 AM


  20. Ben Konop stole someones Thesis work

    He is an actual, real criminal

    Breaking News: Ben Konop Allegedly Plagarizes a Thesis as his Basis for Door Street Village Concept

    – This was on the other thread about Ben Konop but with over 100 people posting, it was too likely to get buried. JR did an excellent job pointing out that Ben keeps talking about his ideas but now we learn that none of them are originally his ideas. Some were the Blade's, one was Keith Wilkowski's and now this….As a lawyer and professor, he should know better. Wouldn't this be considered plagarism?? And he wanted to make ethics a key component of this campaign. How is this ethical?

    Before we all get too excited about Ben Konop and his ideas, let me add something else to the conversation. Ben Konop Stole My Thesis Work.

  21. That btoellner person is heading himself for trouble if he keeps encouraging aggression toward honest citizens and authority figures who are protecting public safety.

    And he appears to be doing this agitating on behalf of marginal, tax cheat dog fighters.

    He could easily get classified as an animal rights terrorist if his agitating results in any harm coming to these honest citizens.

    From what I can find out, this btoellner is some drudge in the advertising trade. His pals in the breeding and fighting market will drop him like a stone if he gets himself into trouble with the FBI or homeland security.

  22. The taxpayers in Lucas County are about to be bit in the ass!

    The Yellow blade should interview some Pit Breeders for balance and ask them why they keep breeding despite knowing what will happen to the pups.

  23. Skeldons biggest folly was supporting the law which allowed the nutters to keep one Pit…He should have gone straight to an all out ban!

  24. Owners to blame for county kill rate
    "We thank Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon and his staff for putting animals' best interests first by not haphazardly adopting out dogs just to make the pound's euthanasia statistics look better.

    No one wants to end the need for euthanasia more than the brave people who hold the syringe, but pushing dogs out the door like clearance merchandise or releasing vulnerable breeds into a world that holds only suffering and death for so many of them isn't the way to do that. Until the number of homeless dogs is reduced through spaying and neutering, euthanasia will stay a heartbreaking necessity.

    Those upset about the number of dogs euthanized for lack of homes should direct their anger at those who are directly responsible: breeders, pet stores, and people who don't spay or neuter their animals. Animal care and control professionals should be supported in their daily fight to do the right thing for animals and for the important work they do to protect animals and the community."

    Jennifer Brown
    Animal Sheltering Adviser
    People for the Ethical
    Treatment of Animals
    Norfolk, Va.

  25. It's quite laughable when a "journalist" like this Reindl lets himself be duped by the dog fighters and their tobacco industry lobbyist and his tactics.

    He apparently has no idea who is behind the front groups of the "doggie lovers" that jabber falsely about euthanasia rates.

  26. Apparently they are no longer going to euthanize pit bull puppies in Lucas County:

    However, they are only being protected until the age of 3 months, so I assume they will be euthanized at that point. That makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?

    And Boo-BenKonop-Boo is seeking action against Skeldon again – hmmm, personal vendetta? I wish I lived there, I'd be out picketing for Tom Skeldon and flooding the commissioners with anti-Konop email.

  27. If the county ever chooses to adopt out pit bulls — dogs deemed "vicious" by state law — and one of these dogs bites, Lucas County will be on the hook for a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

  28. The tax payer will get bit in the ass here…how can you responsibly adopt out legally vicious dogs?

    Ben Konop gets the "Pro-mauler of the year" award.

  29. Why do people take puppies to the shelter? Why not sell them like everybody else does? Even for a mut you can ask 50 dollars if it is a pitbull. I think it was a trap.

  30. JC Reindl is now writing about the "mighty turn around" that Montgomery County underwent, so mighty that last year, they had a euthanasia rate of 65% — the rate in Lucas County last year was 66%, not 77% as the "Yellow" Blade falsely reports.

    Guess what smarties at the Blade?

    "Mr. Sagester noted that for liability reasons, Montgomery County's policy forbids adopting out “pit bulls” to individuals or rescue groups. Ohio law deems “pit bull” breed dogs as inherently vicious regardless of behavior…"
    "…Stark County in northeastern Ohio is one of the few in the state to adopt out “pit bulls.” Dog Warden Evert Gibson said officials there evaluate the animals and offer the friendly ones to responsible individuals or rescue groups. Mr. Gibson said only six to eight “pit bulls” are adopted out a year."


    Skeldon's policy of not adopting out pit bulls — dogs deemed "vicious" by state law — is what truly cost him his job, and it's a policy held by nearly all Ohio counties. It's hardly rocket science that pit bulls spell L-I-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y. With or without Skeldon in charge, pit bulls still spell "liability" to Lucas County.

  31. And of the pit bulls that Stark County is handing out, some of them are going to DOG FIGHTERS AND HOARDERS.

    And the pit bulls are taking up space and money that friendly, loving dogs could have.

    So they end up not only risking public safety, but hurting the dogs (including the pit bulls) too.

    Pit bulls are NOT pets. No normal people want pit bulls, and pit bulls can't handle living with people or pets.

    Maybe someday Ohio will realize they have a breeder problem- unregulated scumbags churning out these dogs, cheating on their taxes, and endangering the public and COSTING THE TAXPAYERS.

  32. It was most definitely a trap Mrs. Poodle, engineered by pit nutters and the vindictive "Yellow" Toledo Blade.

  33. This is insane….there is no pet market for pit bulls. On CL, you find loads of people GIVING the dogs away, "rescues" begging for folks to adopt fully-vetted, s/n, pit bulls, and no takers. The only people buying and selling the dogs are criminals and lowlifes/losers.

    There are many reasons pit bulls can't find homes;

    1.Large breed dogs are harder to place than small breed dogs; many apartments will only allow small dogs (under 20 lbs). This is true for all breeds.

    2. Insurance restrictions…homeowners insurance will often prohibit the ownership of dangerous guarding/fighting breeds. Pit bulls are the number one breed banned by insurance companies because of the actuarial risk they present. The majority of landlords will not rent to pit bull owners, because of liability issues. This greatly restricts the number of available homes for these dogs.

    3.Temperament/aggression issues….virtually everyone I know has a "pit bull story". Everyone has either had a negative experience with the breed, or has friends/family who have. The primary stewards of the breed…the breeders… are criminals, lowlifes and thugs. These people are NOT trying to breed stable family pets. Because of this, many pit bulls have aggressive/unstable temperaments. Most people deem the breed untrustworthy, because of their own PERSONAL experience; not because of media reports.

    4. Social stigma….most families, looking for a family dog, don't want a breed that is primarily known for aggression and attacking children and family pets. Because neighbors, family, and classmates cannot tell which pit bull is a "good" pit bull, and which is not, families who adopt these dogs risk social isolation, when schoolmates parents refuse to let classmates visit because of the dog. (I know of three instances where this has happened). Neighbors may be upset, and view the dog as a threat, and a detriment to property values. Most people who are simply looking for a family pet want to avoid the drama of owning a "controversial" breed; its just as easy to rescue one of the other millions of dogs that are not pit bulls, languishing in a local shelter or rescue.

    5. Animal aggression…lets face it, most animal lovers already have pets. Virtually every organization that promotes "responsible" pit bull ownership warns that these dogs can never truly be trusted around other dogs/pets. Most pit bull owners are advised NEVER to leave their pit bull home alone with another dog or cat, unless it is crated. This advise comes from PRO-PITBULL organizations! If you look at the pit bulls available for adoption on the Villalobos website MANY are deemed unable to go into a home with another dog. If you eliminate all the households that already have a dog or cat, to accomodate the pit bulls genetic-based animal aggression, you have eliminated a huge number of potential homes.

    Lets face it…there are simply no good homes for these dogs. These dogs need owners with advanced handling skills, and experience and knowledge of bully breeds, and homes like that are rare. Promoting these dogs as family pets and easy keepers has led to disaster, as the unsuspecting adopters don't know what they have gotten themselves into, and the dogs are set up to fail. The only humane solution is mandatory spay and neuter laws that will stop the flood of fighting dogs glutting our shelters.

  34. Ever take a look at Craigslist? Plenty of pit bull and pit bull mixes-free to good homes-which supplies dog fighters and thugs with plenty of pitties to be used as instruments of crime. Of course the pit bull zealots don't care about that. If anything pit bull zealots protect dog fighters and their "right" to breed as many pit bulls as they please. PIT BULL ZEALOTS ARE ALSO VIOLENTLY OPPOSED TO SPAY AND NEUTERING BELIEVING PIT BULLS ARE NOT PERFECT UNLESS THEY ARE INTACT!!! I KNOW BECAUSE I BELONG TO A FEW PIT BULL ZEALOT INTERNET GROUPS TO SPY ON THEM, AND THEY ALL VIOLENTLY OPPOSE ANY KIND OF MANDATORY SPAY/NEUTER LEGISLATION. I rest my case-they are just helping the dog fighters.

  35. Additional information on the false "77%" statistic reported by the Blade:

    "Skeldon says the pound takes in more sick, abused, injured, and vicious dogs than most rescue groups. He's expanding an agreement with the humane society to get more dogs new homes, but he says the citizen advisory committee skewed some of the figures. "On adoptions, they took all animals we sent to the humane society and they did not count them as dogs we adopt out."

    See actual report:

    The Blade has been aware of this error since at least November 8, 2009, yet continues to report the "77%" statistic. In their own yellow journalistic words they write:

    The county killed either 77 percent or 66 percent of all dogs that entered the pound last year, depending on how one counts the number of animals reclaimed by owners. Mr. Skeldon prefers the counting method leading to the lower number.

  36. And of the 66% how many were pit bulls — dogs deemed "vicious" under state law and Lucas County law prohibiting their adoption? Any takers on how many of the 66% were pit bulls? Let's look at the "Yellow" Blade's chart:

    932 of 1,848 dogs euthanized, according to the Blade were pit bulls — that 50%. So half of the dogs euthanized by the dog warden are dogs he cannot legally adopt out due to county law, a law followed by nearly ALL COUNTIES IN OHIO!

  37. I was referring to the overall kill rate-and you are right cats are the worst; and kill rate for dogs is high too but not as bad. However, most cats will *NOT* attack unless they are being abused; the exception is rabies, and in most cases that is rare even with ferals. 99% strays and ferals are afraid of people and simply do not attack. Cats have to TRUST people-and since they were dumped and forced to fend for themselves (which most die young and can't), they are fearful of people who for the most part throw rocks at them, and kick them (often fatally) if they can. Cats run away and hide because many humans are dangerous. As for "no kill" shelters, I am reading more and more cases of abuse cruelty charges-lack of care, lack of food, because less and less people are donating to them and the numbers grow. Animals are expensive to care for. Judging from what I seen in those reports it would have been far kinder to put them in a conventional dog pound and have them euthanized rather than starve to death or die slowly of diseases and live in diarrhea infested cages. However, this forum is about pit bulls. the majority of impounded dogs are pit bulls or pit bull mixes. And the death rate is high.

  38. I would have to disagree with the 91% figure on euthanization. And you also need to break out cats and dogs because the cats are the ones contributing to the high euthanasia rate. Some shelters have a very low rate for dogs but the rate is always high for cats. The rate for owner re-claim on cats at every shelter I know of is around 1% whereas on dogs it is fairly high. And when you consider that animal control does not chase down stray cats, they have to be contained thus the public is the one trapping and turning in cats, it shows that there is a severe problem with cats. And cats do attack as well. Plus they are rarely vaccinated for rabies. When they attack, most of the time they are never found and the person bitten has to endure rabies treatments. If shelters were at a 91% euthanization rate, I might be yelling "No Kill" (not). Also depends on the area as to what the euthanization rate is. Even in the big cities like LA and NY, shelters in poorer areas euthanize more than shelter in the more affluent areas. Breeders are not the only ones who oppose mandatory s/n, "No Kill" opposes it too.

  39. Skeldon was targetted because he championed the law which attempted to control the pit population by only allowing nutter to own one pit bull. This severley inhibits the underground economy of trafficking pit bulls.

    Bottomline…this was driven by pit breeders!

  40. Pit bulls and pit bull mixes most frequent the dog pounds; for the most part about 70% of them (give or take) of all dogs in pounds are these breeds or mixes-and most of them get killed in pounds. If the law makers want to make it pit bull city then they better be aware it's going to escalate dog fighting, vice, and of course, dog attacks. Because far too many people abuse these dogs-because they are pit bulls.

  41. Letter to the Blade:

    Don't pick at Skeldon carcass
    "Will someone please step up and tell Commissioner Ben Konop to stop picking at the carcass of dog warden Tom Skeldon?

    He has tendered his resignation effective early next year and it is time for the Board of Commissioners to move on and make a better dog pound that is free of controversy.

    The renewed request by Mr. Konop for the immediate termination of Mr. Skeldon after he has publicly resigned is nothing but a personal vendetta against the man. It smells worse than the rotting, bloated, maggot-infested corpse of a dog laying beside a road on a hot summer day.

    If this is how he intends to act in the future as an elected official in Lucas County, then voters should look for more mature leadership in another candidate when his seat comes up for re-election.

    Stephan Risher

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