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10 thoughts on “2009 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Statistics -

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  1. The deaths and injuries will only go down when pit bulls are regulated EVERYWHERE in the US.

    Wherever they are regulated now, presto! attacks are practically nonexistent. And animal control has far fewer dogs to round up, house, euthanize, and spend tax dollars on.

    (and just think of all the wonderful pets, members of families, who have lost their lives or been brutally handicapped by pit bulls)

  2. Another 5 DBRFs in Texas…Are you kidding me?!?

    Clearly, the Anti-BSL and post-mortem Lillian's Law approach has failed!

  3. Once again, Georgia steps out at the head of the pack for deaths from dog attacks. The laws in this state are WEAK when it comes to dog bites. Although we've made some progress with individual counties and municipalities, state-wide law needs reform, NOW. Are you paying attention, GA lawmakers, or are you too busy catering to the dog fighters?

  4. Council Bluffs, Iowa hasn't had a pit bull mauling since 2007.
    Prior to ban:
    29 injured in 2004.

    BAN in place 2005.

    19 injured in 2005.
    7 injured in 2006.
    2 injured in 2007.
    0 injured in 2008
    0 injured in 2009.

    Do you see a pattern?
    Within a few years of banning pit bulls, pit bull maulings are non-existent in this jurisdiction.

    To all of the city councilmembers, state lawmakers, policy-makers following this blog. WAKE UP.

  5. We need more people to step up like the city of Springfield, MO did a few days ago. Took them a long time (several months), but hey, at least there was progress.

    Sometime in the fall of '09, a pitbull got loose and terrorized it's neighborhood, wounding a dog and killing a chihuahua. The dog was finally declared a dangerous dog and a committee met and decided the dog should be put down this week.

    The owner was allowed a "last meal" with her monster (the chi's owner didn't get that!), cried over the thing, and they finally killed it.

    Another plus is that the owner is being charged and faces jail time(how long she'll get ??) The wounded dog's owner is planning on sueing her for the medical bills ($700 and counting).

    I hope she gets everything that's coming to her.

  6. The Tobacco Lobby doesn't have anything on the Dog Lobby, except that they paid their taxes!

  7. Hmmm…in the 21 years btween 1979-1998 dogs killed 304 Americans.

    In the five year period between 2005 and 2009 Dogs killed 148 Americans.

    That rate has doubled singularly due to Pit Bull breeders.

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