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6 thoughts on “80-Year Old Woman Dies Due to Infected Dog Bite in Alameda

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  1. This horrible story about a woman’s sad ignorance is made even more tragic because she didn’t want the DOG to get in trouble. I’m continually amazed by people who put the welfare of a dog over human beings lives. She did this and it cost her life. What insanity.

  2. I am sure she only did so at the bequest of the other dog owner. Hmmm. The other dog owner did not want to get reported because the animal already had a bite record? For some reason a “poodle” owner does not come to mind.

  3. This kind of insanity falls right into the lap of types like Best Friends and Bad Rap.

    They TELL people that the attacking dogs are blameless and will get “massacred” if people report.

    They are basically telling people to hide attacks!

    This is what this insanity is coming to.

    (And as for an 80 year old with a Rottweiler? Why does something tell me her own dog did this to her, perhaps as it was trying to attack another animal)

  4. My God…this woman paid with her life. The owner of the dog that bit her will likely never step forward. This is how horrifying the situation has become. Protecting a dog over a human life. LYING to doctors to protect a biting dog? Then dying of paralysis and coma.

    What are the odds this dog will bite again? Likely pretty darn good. It’s highly likely the dog already had a bite record which is why Dolly agreed to LIE about the bite. This whole incident is truly awful and truly representative of the absolute lack of concern some dog owners have over human life.

    AS DogsBite recently stated: “Pray this dog owner is not your neighbor.”

  5. The ole the dog “pays the price argument” is a classic Pro Mauler one. It assumes the mauler is killed for revenge or punishment purposes. It is not, the humane euthanization is for public safety purposes.

    The nutters are just trying to get society to feel guilty and accept thier Level 5 and 6 maulers. It is unfortunate that society has to cull the dogs they refuse to.

  6. I also wonder if it wasn’t her own dog that bit her. Unfortunately, now we’ll never know the truth. If there is some other dog owner out there whose dog was responsible for this, that person is basically a murderer. I hope they never get another good night’s sleep again, but sadly, most pit nutters and that ilk don’t bat an eye at this sort of thing. He or she probably blamed the victim.

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