Dutch SPCA Willing to Sacrifice Other Animals to Appease Pit Bull Fans

The Hague, NL - On September 25, 2009, the Dutch SPCA1 fired animal welfare inspector Alexandra Semyonova, author of The 100 Silliest Things People Say About Dogs, after Dutch pit bull terrier enthusiasts targeted Semyonova for identifying the dangerous characteristics of the breed and criticizing the reluctance of the humane community to recognize that dog breeds created to fight are both behaviorally and physiologically different2 from other dogs. The firing leave… [Read full blog post]

Editorial: Tyler Newspaper Supports Statewide Ban on Pit Bulls

Time to Take Action Tyler, TX - On Tuesday, the Tyler Morning Telegraph took a bold stand on the horrendous Texas pit bull issue: "It's time for Texas to take the first steps toward a statewide pit bull ban." Not only did the paper take such a bold stance, the editors at the Tyler Morning Telegraph make clear that they understand the real issues, which we have emphasized with hyperlinks below, as well as the continued, 30-year old1 propaganda spouted by pit bull owners and breeder… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: 56-Year Old Man Killed by Daughter's Six Pit Bulls

From left: Johnny Wilson's home and neighbor Avantis Smith. Mislabeling Alert1 UPDATE 01/18/10: Despite the Chicago Police Department identifying the dogs as pit bulls, director Cherie Travis is now intentionally misleading the media, the citizens of Chicago and the entire U.S. public by stating that the dogs are actually "mixed breed," but she couldn't name the breeds until further evaluation. Travis is clearly a pit bull apologist placing the "protection" of the pit… [Read full blog post]

Great-Grandmother Charged in Fatal Pit Bull Mauling of Izaiah Cox Dies Before Trial

Izaiah Cox, 7-months old, was killed by his great-grandmother's two pit bulls. Criminal Trial Averted San Antonio, TX - Last March, we reported on the fatal pit bull mauling of 7-month old Izaiah Gregory Cox. At the time of the incident, Izaiah had been at his grandmother's home. Irma Barrera had been warming a bottle for her grandson in the kitchen when her two pit bulls "broke down the baby-gate" and violently attacked the child.1 The dogs were so wired with aggression after t… [Read full blog post]