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4 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attack Trigger: Slipping on Ice While Walking a Pet Pit Bull

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  1. On the plus side no kids or old people were hurt. Only an idiot adult who hopefully "knows better" now!

  2. Pit bulls are specifically and selectively bred to behave in exactly this way.

    They are specifically bred BY HUMANS to do these things, and to inflict the maximum amount of damage when they do it.

    There is no other reason to breed pit bulls. This activity is their function, it's why they exist as a manmade problem and liability.

    No matter what AKC "Staffordshire terrier" pit bull breeder may try to claim falsely about "therapy dogs" as they try to grease over and hide the fact of the FIGHTING DOGS they and their fellows are breeding

  3. Certainly could have been worse. Can you imagine if someone's child had been passing the woman and her pit bull and had been the one that slipped on the ice?

  4. The owners never see what they are doing to the dogs. Look at the dog as the AC are taking it away;
    "What did I do wrong?"
    Nothing. You were born that way. If this dog had never been bred, it wouldn't have to go through the sadness of being genetically compelled to attack. We see commercials all the time of sad litters of dogs that could have been saved misery if the mother's owners believed in spaying.
    This dog was born with the misery of doing what it was bred to do, Hurt, maim and kill.

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