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11 thoughts on “Tennessee 'Loose' Dog Attack Law: Pit Bull Owner Charged with Aggravated Assault

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  1. Funny how the pit nutters only ever cry when it's their own butts on the line. They don't give a flying crap about the victims of their dogs. I hope they throw the book at him and the maulers get put down.

  2. Additional evidence that a change of address does not improve the disposition of dogs, or the level of responsibility of the owner.

  3. Judge Lee Coffee signed the $500,000 bond (you can see his signature in one of the videos):

    Lee V. Coffee
    Criminal Court
    Division VII
    Memphis, Tennessee

    It appears that judge Carolyn Wade Blackett is the one that stripped the bond amount (as she is the only female criminal judge listed for Shelby County):

    Carolyn Wade Blackett
    Criminal Court
    Division IV
    Memphis, Tennessee

  4. Robinson is officially back in the neighborhood. Looks like his pits will be put down:

    "Andre Robinson was washing his car in his driveway this afternoon. He wouldn't talk to us on camera but said he loved his dogs and took good care of them. He was sad to never see his pit bulls again. They're being put down…"

  5. You mean was he a "backyard breeder?" Well of course he was.

    "Horn Lake resident David Payne says he called the police several times last year after Robinson's dogs chewed through his fence and attacked his dogs. Payne says Robinson and his wife owned four adult pit bulls and nine puppies when they lived next to him in the 3800 block of Southbrook."

  6. Recently, pit bull-mix owner Anna Bolton raised a big stink after officers shot her dog. Controversy in the local papers followed. It has now been reported that a Memphis police office shot a pit bull after it bit him in the groin area while searching for a "wanted" person. I hope everyone here understands what a pit bull bite to the groin area means.

  7. In addition to the police shooting incidents, there is a major scandal unfolding at the Memphis City Shelter. I believe Alexander has been fired at this point:

    "Records also show the former director, Ernie Alexander, was not enforcing the city's vicious dog ordinance. According to advisory board minutes, Alexander says he was told not to force pet owners to pay the $2000 bond that is required to be posted when a dog is declared vicious. In the transcripts, Alexander says that order came from someone in the Herenton administration."

  8. Insurbordinate, radacalized A/C workers are a huge part of the Pit problem…The nutters know it is open mauling season when they have one at A/C.

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