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5 thoughts on “2005 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Statistics -

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  1. I think the most critical aspect is the fact that 90% of off-property attacks were perpetrated by pit bulls. I can protect myself and my children from attacks within my home by not having one of these dogs. I can also keep myself and my family away from homes that do have a pit bull. But I really can't avoid the ones that attack in parks, at beaches, at shopping malls (as recently occurred in Texas), or simply on the street. And, as these stats show, it is really only the fighting breeds, pits at the helm, that pose this danger.

  2. I guess that tells the tale. Can't wait to see more recent years. One can assume that 06-08 will only support what was found for 05 and that would be a right on assumption. Good job, this makes it easier to fight "No Kill" with their lies about pits getting a "bad rap".

  3. Job well done, CL! This data, along with 2009, will give DBO five (5) years of fatal attack information to fly in the face of Karen Delise, Dr. Polsky, Best Friends, Nebraska Humane Society, Lincoln Animal Control, and dozens if not hundreds of more idiot organizations more concerned with pit bull ownership than public safety. Amazing job!

  4. Thats 76 "Piticides" in just under 5 years…During the seventies, "The decade of the Dobermans" according to the Nutters, Dobermans killed 5 and the breed community embarked down a path of breeding them safer.

    There seems to be no such movement from the Pit Bull community.

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