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18 thoughts on “Typical 'Deviant' Pit Bull Owner Captured on Video at Special Magistrate Hearing

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  1. Rivera is also breeding pit bulls. I think this post needs to stay at the top of the DogsBite blog for the next 6 months, or maybe FOREVER.

  2. Living at home with mommy too…yet can only pay restitution of $50 per month!

    How many times do we see this?


  3. This man is NOT disabled. He can perform any one of a number of well-paying jobs. And he's handling a strong dog that requires tow hands to handle him, feed him, etc

    If he is breeding pit bulls, that requires the use of both hands, and is also extra income that may disqualify for state SSI.

    There is more deviant behavior here.

  4. Animal sales income is required by the IRS to be reported as regular income.

    Report non-tax paying breeders by submitting this online form Form 3949A from the IRS website, or by calling at 800-829-0433

    There are rewards in some cases.

    States also have their own fraud lines.


    Has this wonderful comment that sheds some light on the type of women who seek out these dogs, and why they need help:

    "I own a pitbull looking female rescue dog that growls and gets fluffed up over men…particularly middle-aged men. I chalk it up to not being around them much. While I am a divorced middle-aged woman who has been mistreated by men…I don't think I fall into the left wing feminist category…and, all I ever wanted was a husband to love and treasure me. I got that in my dog."

  6. Several thoughts come to mind as I watch this video and consider the attack that brings this dog owner into contact with the legal system…

    It's always an "accident", why are pit bulls so "accident" prone?

    Why do pit bull owners feel that they have the right to walk away from the financial losses caused by their dog's "accidents"? This particular dog owner is living with his mother but states he is a married man with children, has two female pit bulls and the male who attacked. He is a backyard breeder . HIs disability makes him unable to restrain his own dog in public. He has no resources to pay the damages and none to pay the fines, insurance requirements, and the containment required by law. He appears to expect a pass on all this and get his vicious dog back.

    Why do pit bull owners fail to understand that the public deserves the right to walk the sidewalks of their communities without fear of attacks? Why do they fail to realize that if you can't pay for the damages caused by your dog that you can't have that dog? Why shoud the victim and the tax payers foot the bill for irresponsibility?

  7. Take a look at the participants of the Internet study (74.5%) women:
    "A total of 758 (87.2%) participants responded in a valid manner and were included in subsequent analyses. In the final sample, 193 (25.5%) men and 565 (74.5%) women participated. The mean age of the sample was 19.85 (SD = 2.97) and the majority were Caucasian (n = 697, 92.0%)."

  8. And why do they think dog attacks are allowable if it was the first time? They need an attack to learn that a dog needs to be restrained? They don't care about prevention unless it is proven to them that they have to follow basic leash laws.

  9. Perfect example of a repeat offending pit bull owner:

    SEPT 8, 2009 — "Four pit bulls attacked and injured two men Monday evening in Larimer, Pittsburgh police said. This is the second time in a month that the dogs have attacked someone walking by, said police Lt. Reyne Kacsuta. The dogs, owned by a woman who lives on Orphan Street, bit one man on both legs and a second man on one leg about 7 p.m. Paramedics took the men to West Penn Hospital with serious, but not life-threatening, wounds, police said. The owner, whom police did not identify, would not allow animal control officers to take the dogs. Investigators will seek criminal charges against the woman and a court order to force the owner to give up the dogs, Kacsuta said."

  10. i am working luis rivera's profile. many many criminals in the state of florida by that name. i have to weed through them all.

    in the mean time, try watching luis' performance without sound. it's funny.

    excellent find dogsbite!

  11. From the link someone posted above:

    "Local court records did not suggest Farnsworth was capable of such violence. He had a few traffic tickets, but nothing serious. The former Canal Winchester resident struck his neighbors as unremarkable, just a typical guy who doted on his dog, a female pit bull."


  12. I watched it without the sound and if I didn't know better, I could swear he was rapping. He had all the moves.

  13. Regarding declaring of income from breeding for tax purposes,,,It's not just income tax, dog breeders are required to collect and remit sales tax for each dog sold.

    Some of the states are starting to go after them during the budget crunch.

    I wonder how many billions are floating around under the table?

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