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10 thoughts on “I.I.I. Study Shows Dog Bite Claims Cost Nearly $390 Million Annually

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  1. Thanks for the details on this….I don't know of many individuals who would want to adopt a pit bull if they were told up front that it would cost them an additional $8000.00 or more, over the lifetime of the dog, just to insure it.

    I live in Massachusetts, where no private insurers will insure a home with a pit bull. The two insurers in the country who still do…State Farm and Farmers…are not available in Mass. Rescue groups NEVER tell prospective adopters this fact…instead, they coach people to lie about the dogs breed. I believe their are ethical, and possibly legal issues involved when non-profit organizations deliberately tell adopters to lie to their insurers.

    I think it is extremely important to educate the public about the insurance issues surrounding these dogs…no one wants to control the breeding, because pit bull advocates labor under the delusion that there are plenty of good homes available for pit bulls. Unfortunately, responsible potential adopters… 1.don't want dogs that want to kill other dogs, 2. are responsible enough to know that the risk of owning an uninsured dog is not worth it.

    Responsible dog owners don't want pit bulls as pets….the more we can educate the public about the reality of owning a dangerous breed, the more likely the public will support restrictions on breeding these animals.

  2. Pit bull owners can ignore the facts, insurance companies can not. It's all about the numbers for them.

  3. When we talk about the risk that pit bulls pose to members of a community…the risk is higher for pit bulls than other dogs, in part because the MAJORITY of pet pit bulls are NOT insured. If a neighbors pet Golden Retreiver bites a child in the face, there is a much greater chance that the victim will have some financial recourse to pay for reconstructive surgery. With a pit bull, there is very little chance the victim will be able to litigate and be compensated. Its one more reason that pit bulls are MORE risky to have in community than other breeds.

  4. That doesn't include all of the pit nutters who claim they were mauled by cougars and bears rather than implicate their wiggle butts.

  5. I do know someone who lost their insurance because the adjuster saw a pit bull in the yard. There was no fence and the dog didn't even belong there. But didn't matter, insurance was cancelled. And once your homeowner insurance is cancelled, then it is tough to get it again. Plus they will send an adjuster and you won't know when they are watching. Just doesn't happen enough.

  6. Faulty assumption here…That the majority of Pit owners even consider insuring their dogs. Even in Ohio where there are criminal penalties for not doing so, it is rare to see an owner have the mandated insurance in the mauling stories.

    Enter now the question: What is the cost of a Level 5 Pit mauling and who pays for it?

  7. The pit bull and dog fighter crowd have been trying to pass laws to force insurance companies (in other words, US) to pay for pit bulls.

    A lot of stupid, manipulative talk about "discrimination" despite the fact that the pit bull people discriminate and have breeds of dogs that kill people and rip off limbs.

  8. Any way to find out how many claims were filed and not paid when the insuranc company found out it was a pit? I think that would tell a tale or two. Also how many policies were cancelled because of having a pit.

  9. My neighbors just got a pit bull puppy. I'm not happy. How do I find out what Insurance company they use for home insurance?

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