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6 thoughts on “Mount Clemens, Michigan Adopts Pit Bull Ordinance

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  1. Give veterinarian Dan Marshall a call. Looks like he has dog fighters and pit bull breeders among his clientele, because his outright LIES are straight from the dog fighter lobby!

    “There are no bad pit bulls, there are bad pit bull owners,” said local veterinarian Dan Marshall, who added that the ordinance will be too hard to follow.

  2. Centerline, Michigan passed Pit Bull regulations last week also…More and more towns are deciding to get out of the Pit Bull carnage cleanup and euthanization business!

    Heres to hoping that the pit bull community gets the message and starts breeding safer dogs….sigh

  3. Sorry for my late post, just saw this. veterinarian Dan Marshall is nothing more than a drunk and fool. I live in Mt. Clemens and know who he is, eveyone knows him… Figures they ask him for a comment and not a real Veterinarian.

    Thank God they passed this, now maybe our kids can play outside again!

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