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5 thoughts on “DaMonica Paul, Elkhart Pit Bull Attack Victim, Needs Your Help

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  1. Such a tragedy for this innocent child. I wish that the video news piece was more informative as to the extent of her injuries and how this happened. As I recall, all the children present said it was "Sierra", yet the owner's refused to admit that and blamed it on the neighbor's dog, claiming that it climbed the fence, bit her, and went back over. I guess this news station is worried about being PC.

  2. my family has also been a victim to a pitt bull attack on our horse last feburary,she was killed by the neighbors 2 pit bulls, one dog was destroyed the other nothing the owners got off scott free.
    something has to be done about these animals and their owners.seems to me until an official is either attacked or someone close to them nothing is going to be done. it is a horrific thing that has happened to this child,and it happens to often and the owner just walks away.the law need to be gone over and some changes made to have them enforced.I live in laporte county and there has to be a paper trail on the animal and owner before they will do anything. paper trail meaning that the dogs has to be reported to the animal control so many times before they take action. this little child is thought of less than the dog that attacked her by the people that are supposed to be protecting all of us.pretty sad that our officals are so busy that they can't see a problem when it's in the papers and on the news pretty much on a regular basis.

  3. The Meeting (note the postal worker is still experiencing great anxiety two years after the attack):

    "After hearing about the new city ordinance that would ban pit bulls, Lori Egert, a vicitim of a pit bull attack, decided she would tell the council her story. "He could have torn off my nose, or what if he didn't get my nose and he got my eye or my throat?"

    Egert is a U.S. Mail carrier and was attacked by a pit bull two years ago in front of a house in Elkhart while on her mail delivery route. When describing the moment of the attack, Egert said "I think I was in shock; I didn't feel pain." But the attack did more than just cause nerve damage to Egert's nose.

    "Emotionally it's been a nightmare. I would see a puppy I would see it and I would be very emotional and very stressed. I didn't have anxiety before I was attacked, but I have anxiety now," said Egert."


    An Ad-Hoc committee will continue their evaluation of a proposed pit bull ban in the City of Elkhart. The committee will meet for the fourth, and likely final time, before making a recommendation to the Public Health and Safety Committee of the City Council. That recommendation is supposed to be made by November 1st so that the Council can vote on the issue, possibly as early as mid-November.

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