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7 thoughts on “Flashback: Emma-Leigh Chambers-Allen Attacked by a Pit Bull

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  1. "Prior to the attack, numerous complaints had been made to the county's animal control department concerning the animal's vicious behavior — including that "someday, Shelton's pit bull would attack a child." The lawsuit also targeted the Sheriff's Department as a neglectful party for failing to investigate complaints about the dog."

    We keep seeing this, and this needs to stop.

    The failure of local authorities.

    How can these animal control officers, sheriff, and the rest do nothing aboiut these dangerous dogs?

    We all need to get proactive. We need to make sure that we don't have pit bull nutters/no kill nutters/breeders as animal control officers or "citizens advisory committees" to animal control. These groups are a danger to public safety. They PROTECT dangerous dogs, not the community.

    And we need to make sure that complaints are acted upon. If they earn a salry from the taxpayers, they have to do their job.

    ZERO TOLERANCE for dangerous dogs!

  2. AKC is all about the bucks! They believe they can do whatever they want, include abuse dogs for profit (their puppy mill registration business) or have breeder dogs killing people.

    To be very blunt, AKC breeders are lobbying WITH game dog type breeders to oppose any and all legislation.

    What AKC also does do proactively is get one of their breeders to manipulate a legislator to try to pass fake dangerous dog legislation. Legislation that protects dangerous dogs, gives them chances, gives them excused attacks, lets them get shifted to other areas, wipes records, and more.

    The AKC calls them dangerous dog laws, but they are completely fake and HELP dangerous dogs hurt more people and animals.

    An example is in Massachusetts where AKC pit bull breeder and NAIA member Holly Stump has gotten Representative Brad Hill of Ipswich to try to push one of these fake dangerous dog laws that help dangerous dogs.

    Holly Stump belongs to this group

  3. I'd love to see a law named after a breeder who was incarcerated after pumping out defective maulers.

  4. We will make some phone calls regarding Valencia County declaring October 4, 2008, "Pit Bull Day." It must be noted that across the country through the month of October, many pit bull advocacy groups hold events to honor pit bulls. These groups also attempted to create a single day nationwide (October 25), in which multiple U.S. cities honored pit bulls. We addressed this last year on October 25, 2008 with the Video of Attack Victims. Video of Attack Victims

    Pit Bull Awareness Day 2008

  5. These "Dog and Pony Show" advocacy events in lieu of proper breeding and breed stewardship don't improve public safety.

    Truly, it is time to breed away from explosive Animal/Human aggression, then get back to us after a couple of decades. With pyscopathic Dogmen and Drug Dealers controlling pit bull breeding standards it will never happen.

  6. It looks like Valencia County Animal control is up to same old same old. We have made numerous phone and written complaints about a pit bill climbing our fence and terrorizing us in our own backyard. One of their Officers even referred to it as a "dangerous dog" and felt threatened by it yet the dog is still around and scaring us and a few of our neighboors – a pregnant woman and an older gentlemen. They both made official complaints about those incidents. We are so frustrated, nervous and scared to be in our own backyard and to even talk short walks. THis dog is bred and her pups are sold right there is broad day light in their own driveway. I checked with the Animal Control three times since 2007 and each time no license was issued to breed or to sell puppies. She is worse when she has pups she is even more aggressive.
    Any information will be helpful. Thank you.

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