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5 thoughts on “Toledo Firefighters Delayed by Loose, Dangerous Pit Bull

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  1. And the net drain on society continues….

    This is why regulations on Pits are just a bandaid…Just go full ban…rip it right off!

  2. The more I read the more I am wanting a full ban too. This is hard for me, it actually goes against my work but I had to decide. And my decision is that shelters should not be adopting out pits/bullies. These dogs have no history to being with. I hate it, pits have this wonderful smile. But they kill and maim and I had to accept that. I love animals but I will not put them above a human life, unless, of course, it is a "nameless" person that I love to hate, NJW. I would love to put him in with a few pits and see how much of a bad rap they get.

  3. This woman could have lost her entire house and all of her belongings. Husbandry requirement laws for pits DON'T WORK. The types of people who are attracted to pit bulls are typically the types of people who have no respect for the law. They will not abide by husbandry requirements any more than they will keep up on rabies vaccinations, spay, or neuter. Most local governments don't have the time or resources to make widespread checks for compliance. These dogs need to be banned. That way, all it takes is one phone call, and the dog is out of there and put down, the law breaking owner faces criminal charges, and there's one less pit to breed more.

  4. A ban should not go against your work P. A ban truly gets to the heart of the issue by making it illegal to "breed new pit bulls." While there are several sources of the "pit bull problem," STOPPING the breeding of new pit bulls and STOPPING the adopting out of existing pit bulls is absolutely key to lowering these attacks.

  5. As I have told city councilmembers before…."Pit bulls are a problem in every city in this country."

    When will the city councilmembers across this great country make the "tough" decision to eliminate this breed?

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