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8 thoughts on “2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Winterhaven Man Killed by Pack of Dogs

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  1. Comment from the YumaSun:
    (User: gstazman) I know these dogs too well. I have camped out and offroaded with my family out at Picacho too many times to count. On a couple of occasions while being on the road next to the all american canal these dogs have come out and have tried to chase my truck down and on one occasion I was on my quad and they almost got me. I no longer ride the canal road with my quad due to the fear of being attacked by these dogs. These dogs aren’t just chasing vehicles or people to scare them, they actually want to attack. I am a huge animal lover and love dogs but these dogs over by Picacho are just crazy!! It’s sad that this happened but I knew it would happen sooner or later since I have experienced these dogs first hand. Beware of the levee dogs!

  2. I want to know why they’re being so cagey with naming the breeds of the dogs. It is certain they have at least some clue, and let’s face it. Lab mixes don’t cause amputations. Members of that community ought to demand more transparency in the investigation and from the media. Who’s protecting pits this time?

  3. I can’t imagine a more gruesome death than being consumed alive, especially by man’s best friend.

  4. Annod, I’m with you. I’ve often thought about that when pitnutters say “all dogs bite.” There is such big difference between a bite that might leave puncture wounds or scratches, and the carnage caused in the majority of pit “bites.” Even if the victim doesn’t die, it is still a horrific and life altering experience to have a bezerking dog trying with all it’s might to kill you. A one minute attack would be bad enough, because a minute takes a long time to go by when a dog is trying to eat you alive, but what about those that go on for 15 minutes? Victim gets attacked. Someone first has to hear their screams or see it and come to their aid. The rescuer usually tries to stop the attack to no avail. Police are called. On a good day in a small town they might show up in 5 minutes from the start of the call. The police get their and have to fight the dog off, try to contain it, taser it 10 times, call for animal control — call an ambulance. Good gawd. I hate to think about it the terror the victim is going through all that time. And if the victim dies, it is not a fast painless death.

    The Dogmen sure accomplished what they set out to accomplish — they created a killing machine. And they didn’t doing it by abusing the dogs, as so many pitnutters are want to cry. They did it by selectively breeding those traits into the dog. How many more people have to be eaten alive before all those Responsible Wiggle-butt Owning Pitbull apologists get it?

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