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14 thoughts on “2009 Dog Bite Fatality: 3-Year Old Gabrial Mandrell-Sauerhage Killed by Family Dogs

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  1. Southern Illinoisan just updated the story. Previous involvement by DCFS on another child with one of Gabrial's parents, didn't say whether it was mom or dad.

  2. Think about a 3 year old, put down to bed and suddenly goes out the window. Was the window open, no screen on it? Something sounds fishy here.

  3. I agree with you that this smells fishy. Very fishy. I three yo would fall a long way crawling out of a window.

  4. While it is certainly appropriate to be sympathetic to the family of this dead child (as stated by the sheriff), it is also appropriate to look into the circumstances of the horrific death. Pit bulls attacking children, adults, the elderly, household pets, and livestock make the news daily, why were the pit bulls loose and the collie mix tied up? Why were the concerns of the neighbor regarding the frequently loose pit bulls not addressed? It is unfortunate, but it appears that the mother of this child allowed him to be placed in a very dangerous situation. The excuse about the toy is absurd, when was the last time a poodle or a beagle killed a human for a toy?

  5. Sun Spot activity could have triggered the Pits into this fatal mauling also….Seriously…

  6. Where is the outcry from the collie lobby about this collie mix being unfairly euthanized along with the two pits that were at large? Why didn't anyone step forth and steal the collie mix from the humane society, ferreting it to an unknown location so it could live its life as it deserves?

    Oh, wait, there is no "collie lobby", because collies don't routinely go berserk and maul and kill people, and collie owners aren't misanthropes and sociopaths who put dog life before human life.

  7. And pit bull people DON'T CARE about the sweet collie mixes getting euthanized.

    Instead we are supposed to spend millions warehousing and rehabbing pit bulls, while wonderful dogs die.

    That is the pit bull lobby/No Kill/Best Friends way.

  8. There should be a law that you don't get your welfare check for having children if you maintain pit bulls on your premises.

  9. This story is so truly disturbing. The whole LOT OF IT, from the police statement to the parents…I can't understand why any Child and Family protection agency would allow a child in a home with pit bulls or rottweilers. These organizations MUST learn about the terrible safety records of these dogs. Not to mention, these very dog owners were already ZINGED by animal control. These types of dog owners need to be on the radar of Child and Family protection agencies.

  10. These two Level 6 Maulers (Fatal/Consumed Flesh) had a litter of pups which were trafficked into the community earlier this year.

    That's too bad….

  11. How is it not child neglect when the child was left with the 2 lawn monsters? re: it stated that "Gabrial suffered at least one bite that would have made 'yelling impossible,'" whereby eliminating possible child neglect charges.

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