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15 thoughts on “2008 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Pit Bulls Fatally Maul 4-Month Old in Las Vegas

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  1. Last month at least 46 dogs were shot, many, like these two were killed. I wonder how many dogs are on the verge of killing someone. It just doesn’t make sense that this is allowed to continue.

  2. I went to the website for the Las Vegas newspaper. The comments from all the pitbull apologists turn my stomach. They have their heads in the sand. They always claim it is the owner’s not the dogs. They completely ignore the centuries of breeding to make these dogs ruthless killers. It is in their genes. Siamese cats — they all have a rather distinct meow. It is in their genes and you can’t blame the owner for their cat’s annoying meow. I told my husband I want to get a permit to carry a gun in my car so I can be ready to kill one of those killer dogs if need be. I also want to carry a billy club, and keep one by the front door. Maybe an axe would be better. The way these pits seem to be rampaging all over, you just never know. I don’t want to feel helpless if I see someone being attacked. The only way to stop these killers when they have their jaws locked on is to kill them, it seems. I feel so sorry for the family, yet I wonder if at sometime one of them said how sweet and loving their dogs are. Whenever someone says that, and how their pit just loves their kids, I wonder if they will be the next to mourn a loved one. I feel equally sorry for the rescue team that has to get counseling to deal with the horrific way that poor baby was murdered. God help our society. It seems a no-brainer that these dogs should be outlawed, not just muzzled, not just locked in a pen, not just sterilized, or insured for liability. Good God!

  3. Someone asked the question once — on these boards — what in the hell must be going through the mind of a pit bull owner as the dog seriously attacks his or her child? It’s a heart stopper for sure. “I didn’t know…” ain’t going to make the heart starting beating again either. For the rest of the person’s life, the guilt will gnaw at their core.

  4. Apparently, these dogs had been aggressive before and the mom and grandmother wanted the boyfriend to get rid of them. The supposed plan was to breed them and sell
    canine IED pups.

    Manslaughter charges please!

  5. TO Heartsick, I have a pitchfork beside my front door. I’ve sharpened the tines, not needle sharp but pretty good. Their about $25 and they have a long handle so I don’t have to wait until the dog is right on me. Full grown men have tryed to stop these dogs with a baseball bat and failed. Be very careful, once these dogs are riled you will have a very dangerous situation on your hands. A shot gun is the best, even the police have figured this out.

  6. To David: Thanks for the tip. You make a good point about the long handle. Best not to get close! I am amazed at the ignorance of so many as to how the pit bull breed got to be so vicious. Just yesterday, a co-worker blamed it on recent breeding practices by drug dealers and on puppy mills. As evidence, he said that when he was a child, his landlord had the sweetest dog in the world – a pit bull. I asked him if he knew how they got the name “Pit Bull.” He did not. Maybe after he does some research he will see the light.

  7. “In the past 30 days pits have killed five. Yet the media seems to be AWOL.” I agree with anonymous on this one. If only national media would report all these attacks. All of them, not just the ones that end in death.

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