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4 thoughts on “2008 Dog Bite Fatality: 2-Year Old Boy Killed by Family Pit Bull in Clark County, Nevada

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  1. Ungh….Every 20 days….

    Same scenario as the last Las Vegas death…Grandmother watching the child.

  2. It’s very, very common that food is a trigger for aggression,” Hauser said.

    Doogie must have gone to the Jim Crosby school of dog behavior…Food aggression merits a nip or a chomp…Not a full blown Level 6 Fatality!

    These people clearly have lowered safety expectations.

  3. Go to any of the L.V. “animal rescue”, facilities, and every one of these dogs (pitbulls) has a sugar coated cutsie name in the space provided to identify the breed. I’ve seen Boxy bull, Bully mix, and Pitty cross in an attempt to fool the public into taking one of these dogs home as an addition to the “family”. The laws in Nevada, regarding these animals, are almost non-existent. Nevada is the only state in the union that still has no law in place to out law dog fighting.

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