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11 thoughts on “The Charlotte Blevins Charitable Benefit - June 25, 2009

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  1. It is outrageous that the parents of this injured child are forced to raise funds for reconstructive surgery. The “responsible pit bull owners” who trot out the old “punish the deed not the breed” ought to be pulling out their checkbooks and covering the expenses. This is EXACTLY why pit bull owners must be required to carry insurance.

  2. I agree. Where are all these responsible owners we keep hearing exist? Why are they not doing anything to stop attacks like this? If pit bull owners had any decency they would donate to causes like this little girl and encourage other owners to do the same. The public is left feeling that they don’t care. So why should the public care if they have the ability to own pit bulls in the future? Looks like we would all be better off if they didn’t.

  3. Wonderful family. If you could see the pictures of what happened that day you wouldn’t believe your eyes. Had the guts to take a stand and be bullied by other pit bull owners in the metro area (pukes!)…I will be there!!!

  4. Why doesn’t Best Friends Animal Sanctuary make a donation?

    They and their Ledy Van Kavage are telling people that pit bulls are just misunderstood and persecuted, that pit bulls are nanny dogs and good with children.

    They are using the Vick pit bulls to make who knows how many hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions (against the orders of the court)

    Best Friends is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars flying people like Ledy VanKavage around to say these things and promote pit bulls and oppose regulations

    Best Friends is working with pit bull breeder groups like ADBA. Those are pit bull business people. Maybe they might make a donation too.

    Instead, the pit bull industry like this just vanishes whenever there is a fatality or attack by pit bull, which is now a regular event all over the country.

    Best Friends hides out in Utah where they don’t even take local Utah pit bulls. Why not?

    Maybe just a portion of the Vick money they received through the court (millions) or fundraised through the Vick dogs could go to Charlotte.

    Someone needs to ask Ledy for a donation. Maybe she’ll share part of her salary that she gets for telling tales to protect pit bulls from regulation.

  5. Dog Lobbiest like Bledy have already calculated the collateral damage of neighborhood dogs and human victims like Charlotte into their business equation….They want the public to forget them and move on.

  6. As to wondering about why these pit rescue groups don’t pitch in for victims? My thoughts exactly!

    It seems like would be in line to make a donation. After all, they’re known to place these child maulers in our communities. That’s not an extrapolation of the issue, that’s simply a fact and they know it. Yet they still don’t have a single mention of this on their website – not in their ‘Stories’ section, not in their blog – no where.

    C’mon! Stop hiding the truth. Stop living the lie. Start supporting the victims you create. Support the victims you created directly with the dangerous dogs you’ve placed, and indirectly by supporting victims of the breed you advocate for. Put up or get off the stage!

  7. That was hard. It hurts so much I can’t describe. But it is an inspiration at the same time, to continue to fight. Man’s best friend should not be attacking and killing man’s children. It is wrong and immoral to continue to deny what these dogs can do. I know someone that wrote a letter to Senator Nell Soto in CA about the Newcastle disease. This person found out that Newcastle was probably brought in from cockfighting. This person had pet birds and researched like a good owner would. She wrote a letter to the Senator. The Senator has since made cockfighting a felony in CA. The Senator also credited this person as her inspiration in a newspaper article. This person was invited to Sacramento and introduced to a Senate committee. Senator Soto pulled this person aside and said that this was going against her culture (Latino). The moral of this story is that one person can sometimes be the deciding factor. That is why we need to always try, don’t say what can one person do. One person can make a difference and that one success is worth all the failures.

  8. This beautiful child will live her life with a disfiguring injury, her parents will likely never recover financially from the tremendous medical bills from the attack on their child. Tina Agerson, the owner of the dog, will do her pitiful short jail time and prance back out into the world, free as a bird. Hardly seems fair does it?

  9. Let’s hope “Little Duke” picks a better target, Agerson. Nothing sweeter than a pit nutter getting a taste of their own foul medicine.

  10. Tina should be stamping out license plates 18 hours a day to pay for this.

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