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4 thoughts on “Orlando Sentinel Asks: What Should be Done with Pit Bulls?

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  1. Poll results are up to about 1700 responses, 68% of which say to do “Nothing. Like any dog, the animal’s behavior depends on their owner.”

    At some point, even if you believe that, then something still has to be done. Pit bulls are still the ones attacking and causing the most damage, and if what these pit bull zealots are saying is true, then they have proven that society cannot be trusted to raise a pit bull “correctly.”

  2. Its the old chicken or the egg question…which came first? The aggressive pit bull or the “irresponsible” owner? Really, its irrelevant. Its the malicious irresponsible criminals who are CREATING the dogs by breeding them….that is the “origin” of the problem. And there are many many irresponsible owners of other breeds…the difference is, when an irresponsibly owned beagle gets loose, it doesn’t try to disembowel the toddler next door.

    Where I live, virtually ALL pit bulls advertised for sale are coming from low income, high crime areas. “Responsible pit bull breeder” is an oxymoron. Most ads reveal “breeders” who can barely read and write English…illiterate, unemployed losers, or out and out criminals (drug dealers, etc.)

    The focus has to be on prevention, and society has to stop coddling pit bull owners and start protecting decent, tax paying, law abiding citizens from the low lifes who own and breed these dogs.

  3. Early results had 70 percent in favor in banning or regulating…then the Pit spam directives on the nutter boards kicked in.

    Non-nutters read the story, vote once and move on with their lives.

  4. I saw that sudden jump in the poll results, too. The comments on this article from the pitnutters is like a broken record. A few weeks ago, I started reading the comments sections of the articles linked on this site. I’ve had enough of that already! When one pitnutter called them “pibbles,” I nearly lost my lunch. Another said “they were only bred to kill critters, not people.” Critters??? Like that makes it better? “All dogs bite,” “It’s the owner, not the breed,” “My one year old chews his ears and my pittie licks him back.” “They were originally bred to be nanny dogs.” “Rachel Ray has pitties.” “It’s because they were chained.” “It’s because they were loose.” “It was just playing.” “It was just protecting its territory.” ‘That dog is clearly not a pitbull.” “There is no such thing as a pitbull.” “It’s all the media’s fault.” “It’s all the owner’s fault.” Blah Blah Blah Blah. I’ve read every one of their lame-brained mantras regurgitated over and over again in just few short weeks, in comments across the country. As the death toll mounts, included in that number will be many of these nutters and/or their loved ones, victim to their own wigglebutts. I think that is the only way they might get their eyes and minds opened to the horrid truth about where these dogs really come from, originally, and now.

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