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4 thoughts on “NYC Housing Authorities Ban Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and Dobermans

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  1. Agency sued after vicious pit bull attack

    MAY 5, 2009 – Carmen Delgado, 65, was walking into her building in the Eastchester Gardens housing project in December, her arms filled with groceries, when her neighbor’s pit bull, King, attacked her.

    “The dog jumped on me. He threw me to the ground,” she said.

    “The packages fell. He ripped off pieces of my jacket. He got my face. He took a chunk out of my lip, all the way through the skin. You could see my teeth.”

    Delgado, a retired 30-year secretary for the Housing Authority, is missing part of her lip, has facial scars, and is afraid to leave her apartment.

    Now, she has filed a lawsuit against the Housing Authority in Bronx County Civil Court.

    The suit follows the agency’s recent announcement that it will change its pet policy as of May 1 – reducing the size of permitted dogs from a current maximum allowed weight of 40 pounds to a maximum of 25 pounds when full-grown.

    The authority also is outlawing certain breeds, including pit bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman pinschers, German shepherds and English mastiffs, except for those already registered. They say they’re doing this “because of an increase in biting incidents.”


    “I pray to God that they do something,” she said.

    “Thank God my jacket was high and I had a scarf. He could have killed me. I don’t want anyone else to go through what I did.”

  2. A couple of years ago the City of New York paid out $5 Million due to the actions of a Pit luvin’ police officer. He picked up a stray pit bull off the street and gave it a family. The wigglebutt subsequently mauled a chid and the city paid out.

  3. Yep, the little wigglebutt mauled the child instantly (within 24 hours):

    “A jury in the Bronx just last week fixed the blame not only on the pit bull, but also on New York City, paving the way for Makailah’s family to receive millions of dollars in damages. Makailah’s mother, Shannon Smith, received the dog from a police officer the day before the mauling, according to the complaint filed in the suit. The unusual circumstances behind Officer Sean Smith’s decision to give the dog to Ms. Smith, a stranger, were enough to make the city liable for the attack, the jury decided. The day before the mauling, the pit bull was being kept at the 43rd Precinct after police found it abandoned near the station. Ms. Smith was at the precinct at the same time, waiting to file papers in an adoption proceeding. Officer Smith struck up a conversation with her about the dog and Ms. Smith ended up taking the animal home. A lawyer for Ms. Smith, Thomas Minotti, said Officer Smith was looking to give the dog away and had told Ms. Smith that it would soon be put to sleep. A spokeswoman for the city law department, Laura Postiglione, said Ms. Smith had “asked to take the dog home.”

  4. I wonder how the adoption proceedings went after this reckless endangerment of a child?

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