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8 thoughts on “ASPCA Pushing Pit Bull Adoption: Adopt-A-Bull Contest

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  1. I find it interesting that the link to the ASPCA’s Guide to Handling Pit Bulls in Shelter Environments no longer works. Who is trying to hide this information??

  2. How hypocritical that the ASPCA actively solicits donations from school children and then spends this money advocating for this vicious breed that will end up injuring child after child. Write to Ed Sayres of the ASPCA and demand an end to this hypocrisy.

  3. There seems to be a HUGE push to rehabilitate the Pit Bull reputation. It seems Animal Planet network is devoted to it as well as the ASPCA. Most of the negative press has been replaced with ultra positive stories. I admit to wondering if my initial fear of this breed was misplaced. My husband and I now have a puppy of our own, a gentle little Border Collie Mix, and I worry for her safety at dog parks and just walking on the leash with the huge increase in the number of Pit Bulls I see in our area. It seems like I see almost as many Pit Bulls as Labs, and Labs have always been known as a very family oriented dog. And except for this site, nearly all negative stories you find on the web are from the 90's. Yet where there is smoke there is usually fire, no one is having to fight to rid the world of the fear of "killer Border Collies" or to dismiss the so-called ledgend of the "powerful killing bite of the Irish Setter".

  4. I'm with you, M. I honestly had no idea of the frequency of attacks until I started reading this blog. I too, thought the "bad rep" had been misplaced, perhaps stemming from a small number of tragedies.

  5. "There seems to be a big push to rehabilitate the pit bull's reputation". That is the crux of the problem-that ONLY the breeds REPUTATION (ei: its IMAGE) is up for reform, not the breed itself.

  6. I have been a dog trainer/behaviorist for 27 years. I have yet to meet a pit bull that I would unequivocally state was completely safe. Pointers hunt, retrievers retrieve, and no one is surprised that this is so. But to some, god forbid you should say pit bulls attack people and other animals. Only the seriously delusional say rehabilitate. Rehabilitate what? The dogs have been specifically bred to be aggressive. Their whole existence as a breed was for this purpose. Shame on anyone who tells you different. Nanny dogs? Riiiiight.

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