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10 thoughts on “ASPCA Wants to Reduce Number of Pit Bulls in New York City

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  1. Sounds breed specific and racist. (And I know the difference.)

    In fact, it seems like there’s a lot of breed specific stuff going on. I thought anything breed specific was “bad.” But when it benefits pit bulls through free training classes or free fixing, the double standard is ignored by advocates.

    And the target ownership is Black and Hispanic? I guess that’s because other races don’t over-breed and add more dangerous pit bulls to the mix, eh?

    Their campaign blurb is, “Show your boy you’ve got his back. Fix your dog, it’s all good.”

    Shouldn’t that be, “Show your boy you’ve got his balls and quit pimpin’ your bitch?” 😉

  2. A 2005 article shows that many animal agencies had offered free and low cost spay neuter programs prior to the pit bull sterilization law. One program even PAID owners to get their pit bull sterilized.

    Pit bull spaying and neutering

    — The Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA, (650) 340-7022, has recently started offering free neutering and spaying for pit bulls and pit bull mixes to San Mateo County residents. In addition, it will pay these owners $10 for having their dogs fixed.

    — The East Bay SPCA, (877) 474-8349, has been offering free neutering and spaying for pit bulls and pit bull mixes to Alameda and Contra Costa county residents since 2004.

    — The Humane Society of Sonoma County, (707) 284-1198, has just started a program offering free neutering and spaying for pit bulls and pit bull mixes to area residents.

    — The San Francisco SPCA, (415) 554-3084, occasionally offers free spaying and neutering for pit bulls and pit bull mixes and is trying to raise money to offer it free all the time.

  3. Breed specific problems require breed specific solutions. The Pit Bull community’s stewardship of these dogs has been criminal.

  4. Funneling tax payer and tax exempt money towards specific breeds = Good and enlightened.

    Regulating specific breeds = Bad and ignorant.

  5. If these low income pit owners can’t afford to spay/neuter their bull baiter, they definitely can’t afford to insure them!

    The ASPCA is actively subsidizing irresponsible ownership instead of discouraging it. Meanwhile, the taxpayer and future victims get screwed!

  6. Just another indication that the people attracted to these dogs are irresponsible. Most people pay to have their dogs fixed, they figure it in to the price of a puppy. If pet overpopulation is an issue for all breeds, then free services that reduce overpopultion should be available to all pet owners. There are far more cats than pit bulls in shelters, yet they don’t offer to fix cats for free. (Maybe that’s because cats don’t generate as many calls to animal control or trips to the hospital.) So just by offering this type of program we are being told that pit bull owners are less responsible than the general pet owner, and pit bulls take up so many more resources that they are willing to spend money to save money/end massive killing. And yet pit bull advocates are unhappy with mandatory nueter/spay laws and claim they don’t work, even when presented with information about San Francisco. Pit bull owners often complain of breedism. Too bad they don’t realize breedism is when one kind of dog gets special treatment and allowances above all others.

  7. Spaying can be a help reducing stray animals but besides making dogs a little less agressive I can’t see how spaying pets can reduce the pitbull problem.

  8. The MANDATORY pit bull sterilation law in San Francisco has worked like a charm!

    No pit bull attacks there, fewer pit bulls roaming and getting euthanized. The DOGS have benefitted from a mandatory spay neuter law.

    When will the ASPCA realize they have been helping the dogfighters by opposing breed specific laws like this?

    When will Ed Sayres decide to take back ASPCA from the hands of a pro-cruelty fanatic?

  9. When…when they stop pulling in outrageous salaries. This is from the ASPCA’s 2007 Form 990 filed with the IRS. Executive Compensation:

    Edwin Sayres (President): $490,315
    Stephen Zawistowski (Exec VP Programs: $242,354
    Stephen Musso (Exec VP Ops): $252,018
    Jonelle Sullivan (SVP Develop/Comms): $202,194
    Stephen Eudene (SVP Finance): $201,456
    Each are stated to work 40 hours per week.

    I’m not making this up, this is where you can get it

  10. Sadly, many pit owners do not WANT to fix their dogs, no matter how cost-effective it's made.

    Keeping a dog intact is desired for both the fighting pit and breeding those money-making puppies.

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