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8 thoughts on “Camera Catches Pit Bull Attack on Bichon Near Fort Collins

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  1. There are three dog owners in the video, but I only see one dog lover.

    The news story didn’t address the medical requirements of “Dine and Dashing” incidents …Is this brave woman looking at rabies shots on to of the medical and vet bills now?!

    Leaving the scene of a dog bite incident needs to be a felony.

  2. Just once, JUST ONCE, I would love to see these pit owning scum bags, pay for what their dogs do. I’m sure these guys laughed all the way home in their truck. I would LOVE to see someone beat the living sh*t out of these two guys.

    Men who own pits are impotent cowards, every last one of them. They whine like little girls when they get caught with their toddler mauling, dog killers, that “they had no idea” their pit bull could hurt anyone. Bullsh*t.

  3. That girl is a hero! Did you see the way she dove in there to save her dog?

    Of course, Mr. Limp Twig Pit-tard was useless, and needed a little girl to jump in and take care of business.

    I hope they catch these pit bull owning imbeciles! (Hmmm… “imbecile” and “pit bull owning” sounds redundant.)

  4. Do you suppose the reason that the “men” could not stop the attack or help the little dog was because they were afraid to get too close to the teeth and jaws of the beast?

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