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17 thoughts on “Best Friends Almost 'Mistakenly' Kills Another Vick Dog

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  1. Also odd that they don’t know these dogs need special extra strong toys and hadn’t noticed one was missing…..

  2. This is business as usual for Best Friends.

    One “mistake” after another.

    Giving Hurricane Katrina pit bulls to people that abuse and kill them.

    It’s always a “mistake.”

    Lots of mistakes, but ALWAYS demanding money, money, money.

    And where does the money go?

    They aren’t taking animals from Utah, they turn them away.

    Where is all this money going?

  3. I’d like to point out that dogs with a high tolerance to pain are used by research labs as test animals. They even breed dogs for this purpose – and they are not pit bulls, they are usually some form of hounds. They need stable, non-aggressive dogs for lab work, dogs that can take being confined for long periods of time in close quarters with other dogs.

    Just another group of people who get it about pit bulls. Still waiting for the nutters to get it.

  4. It’s always fun to catch groups like Best Friends, particularly a veterinarian, who say that “all dogs bite” — a chihuahua bite is the same as a pit bull bite — and all dogs are equally the same, and in the same breath say that pit bulls are different from other dogs and pit bulls don’t show pain like other dogs…

  5. The buffoonery over at Best Friends is NOTHING compared to the BADRAP.
    One of the Vick dogs, while under their care, was killed by a car while running OFF leash.

  6. THAT’S where the Vick dog killed by a car was.

    I should have guessed.

    Bad Rap seems to be extra inept when it comes to dogs

    Now, what would have happened if that dog had attacked someone while off-lead?

    The lawsuit would have come right back to Virginia, the system that let all these nuts take these dogs

    Have even one of the judge’s orders been followed?

    Does anyone know if Bad Rap has proof of insurance they were supposed to get?

  7. Jeepers, Mr Wilson, I wonder if the insurance company that sold the million dollar pit policy to Donna Reynolds and Tim Racer knows that former fighting dogs were allowed to run off leash through the neighborhood?

  8. Were two Vick dogs killed by a car? This press release says that the dog was given to the Georgia SPCA, the All or Nothing Pit Bull Rescue in Atlanta AND a foster parent!

    “7” named after the number on Mike Vick’s Jersey was an incredible dog with an amazing story. She was used as a “breeding dog” on the Vick property where rape stands were discovered, which are benches used in forced breeding and torture. Her face and legs were covered with scars from puncture wounds and tears from teeth where she had obviously been attacked by the males during breeding and fighting. She was pregnant when she was confiscated, and lost the puppies when she was spayed by veterinarians with the U.S. Justice department.

    She was released to the Georgia SPCA and All or Nothing Pit Bull Rescue in Atlanta founded by “International Tattoo artist of the Year” Brandon Bond. “7” was placed in a foster home awaiting adoption. Her “foster dad” was simply waiting on the six months required by the Justice Department to adopt her. The pit bull had been undergoing intensive rehabilitation and training with “Mans Best Friend” a high end dog training facility located in Atlanta and was progressing faster than any of the other Vick dogs in GA…

    …It was not the dog owners fault either, she simply got out of a fence for 2 seconds, the owner of the dog is a wonderful man who has helped countless rescued pit bulls, and is torn up about it terribly, he’s been crying so much its hard to even talk with him on the phone.” said Brandon Bond.

    A responsible pit bull owner that can’t keep his dog restrained! I want animal cruelty charges against Brandon Bond!

  9. Where did all of Michael Vick’s dogs end up?

    “In the end, 47 of the 51 Vick dogs were saved. (Two died while in the shelters; one was destroyed because it was too violent; and another was euthanized for medical reasons.) Twenty-two dogs went to Best Friends, where McMillan and his staff chart their emotional state daily; almost all show steady improvement in categories such as calmness, sociability and happiness. McMillan believes 17 of the dogs will eventually be adopted, and applicants are being screened for the first of those. The other 25 have been spread around the country; the biggest group, 10, went to California with BAD RAP. Fourteen of the 25 have been placed in permanent homes, and the rest are in foster care.” (or 13)
    3-Georgia SPCA

    I could only find references to 39 dogs, not the 47. There was likely a lot of “one-offs,” one dog sent to one rescue group. Does anyone know how many have died, for any reason? Be it health problems or getting hit by a car?

  10. Perhaps the 47 included the beagles they found at the farm that were set to be ripped up by the pit bulls? (that of course went with NO money to be adopted out, perhaps locally. I think only the pits came with money, which is the onlt reason these groups wanted them)

    Maybe it was 39 pit bulls.

    I will keep looking.

  11. BRANDON BOND? So HE killed the dog?

    Brandon Bond is the wack who is with Villalobos now making the “movie”

    See the discussion forum for more on Brandon Bond and Villalobos

    Funny, he never admits HE killed the dog

    Tia Torres and Villalobos tried to get Vick pit bulls, but the court wouldn’t give Torres any dogs for obvious reasons due to her negative history (and present activity)

    So she must have send this Brandon as a ringer to get her hands on one of the Vick dogs, then they killed the dog through negligence

    From reports all over the web, this is not the first time in Torres’ history

  12. ” This press release says that the dog was given to the Georgia SPCA, the All or Nothing Pit Bull Rescue in Atlanta AND a foster parent!”

    It sounds like Georgia SPCA couldn’t handle the dog, so it got dumped at this wacko “rescue” who then gave it to a wacko

    Doesn’t the court understand that’s what happens to these dogs?

    And then the dogs end up ripping off some kids’ face?

    Does the judge who gave away the Vick dogs to these nuts even know they aren’t following his orders?

    So who had the insurance for this Vick dog?

  13. This was exactly my question. Firstly, how do 3 groups get one dog? It's kind of a mumbo-jumbo routine. I doubt Bond's group had the insurance. It must have been the Georgia SPCA, who then turned the dog over to "All or Nothing Pit Bull Rescue" (Bond's group).

    The dog was named "SEVEN" perhaps because Vick "personally killed SEVEN dogs." The irony is too much.

    In the video clip, he writes something very odd: "The high profile case of Michael Vick's dogfighting ring ensured that millions of people would become aware of of the horrors of "breed-specific"(?) fighting."

    This is an odd word choice over the almost always used term "dogfighting." He also says that his group (not the Georgia SPCA) got 3 Vick dogs. You gotta wonder when it's SO TOUGH to figure out what ought to be simple: Who in the heck was the formal recipient of the 3 dogs sent to Georgia?

  14. I could care less about dogs that should never have been bred from a breed that should never have been created. I’d love to see Best Friends donate some $$$ to pet owners saddled with vet bills from the ultimate canine gladiator tearing up their unlucky dog, horse, llama or goat.

  15. There’s a real business in this pit bull rescue junk.

    First, they are getting money from the taxpayers and/or courts

    Then they are making up stories and duping donors

    Then they appear to be selling dogs

    These people are pulling in a lot of money from pit bulls

    I wonder if they have filed proper tax records?

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