Animal Control: 'This is Not Just a Bite. This is a Mauling'

Victims Rights = Trash Laws UPDATE 04/10/09: Commissioner Elaine Renick continues to struggle in the wake of a vicious dog attack that left 22-year old Tracy Lindsey critically injured. Renick is especially troubled by the embarrassing $168 fine issued to the owners of the pit bulls, Jesica and Jessie Iaquinca, following the attack. Renick asked, "Is there something as a commission we can do so it's not just a fine?" Animal Services Director Marjorie Boyd is also quoted in t… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: 7-Month Old Boy Killed by Great-Grandmother's Pit Bulls in San Antonio

Izaiah Cox, 7-months old, was killed by his great-grandmother's two pit bulls. Great-Grandmother Named UPDATE 04/01/09: The grandmother has been identified as the toddler's 58-year old great-grandmother, Irma Barrera.1 Her two pit bulls, Cane and Wrinkle, were both male and unaltered. Barrera said she placed the baby on her bed then went into the kitchen to get a bottle for the baby. That's when the pit bulls broke through the baby gate and attacked the infant. Barrera sai… [Read full blog post]

Cincinnati Doubles Penalites Under Existing Pit Bull Ban

Community Safety #1 Cincinnati, OH - Last summer, pit bull advocates were chattering about Cincinnati overturning its pit bull ban. The chattering was not only false, it came about just as Cincinnati unveiled the country's first "Pit Bull Police," a special unit of police officers trained to identify pit bulls so that the dogs can be handled and impounded immediately. The unit was designed to enable officers to act instantly, instead of waiting for the SPCA to arrive on scen… [Read full blog post]

District of Columbia Court of Appeals Upholds 'Pit Bull Act' (2005)

McNeely vs. United States Washington D.C. - In 1996, for 90 days, the District of Columbia's Dangerous Dog Ordinance was temporarily amended by The Pit Bull and Rottweiler Dangerous Dog Designation Emergency Amendment Act. During this time, two pit bulls owned by Robert McNeely brutally attacked 36-old Helen Avery as she carried a bag of spoiled food to the trash can behind her home. The attack finally ended when Avery’s son, Jerrel Bryant, and two other men chased the dogs o… [Read full blog post]