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6 thoughts on “Pit Bull Attack Movie: The Slide Show Presentation, By Zupf

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  1. The stuff about ATTS on that video bothers me.

    ATTS is run by pit bull breeders.

    All its tests have been roundly discredited.

    The ATTS just simply lies.

  2. Also the part about questioning attacking bulls is not accurate.

    Pit bulls CAN take down a bull.

    Pit bulls take down horses and 500 lb llamas no problem.

    And those are the smaller pit bulls doing that!

  3. Wow. Zupf really makes it hit home with the quotes about dismemberment, being eaten alive, and lions on a gazelle. I’m still reeling. Kudos on a very riveting video. I continue to study all the photos I see of pitbulls, so that I will be able to readily identify them and when I do, I’ll get the hell away as fast as possible. I will be moving in the future and have realized that one of my requirements will be a pit-bull free neighborhood. I’ll give it my best shot anyway.

  4. Thank you dogsbite for sharing the talents of zupf with dogsbite’s very broad audience! Information is POWER.


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