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36 thoughts on “Indianapolis Must Enact a Pit Bull Law or Serious Maulings Will Continue

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  1. Apparently, PACCA misfit Doug Rae has decided throwing more manhours at rehabilitating and adopting out pit bulls is the priority!

    This is like the Government subsidizing the sale of alcohol to fight the drunk driving problem.

    They don’t call them Pit Nutters for nothing!

  2. Douglas Rae was Chief Operating Officer of PACCA in Philadelphia. Philadelphia got a No Kill consultation from Nathan Winograd, who then got HIS PEOPLE hired at PACCA to run Philadelphia’s animal control.

    PACCA failed so badly that they got fired! Douglas Rae got FIRED for incompetence

    Which included horrible animal abuse, overcrowding, disease, they gave 50 dogs to a known hoarder that had to be rescued by another group, and handing out aggressive dogs! And more!

    Including handing out pit bulls to people and groups that hadn’t even been investigated

    Douglas Rae is NOT a success. Douglas Rae GOT FIRED from his previous job.

    Rae and Winograd are completely falsifying Rae’s track record in Philadelphia. They are just covering up their failures, and trying to sell the same failed No Kill product to Indianapolis.

    Not to mention, Winograd is involved with the breeder lobby now. People like this and

    Winograd is catering to the breeder lobby (including the pit bull breeder lobby) by opposing laws and regulations that breeders don’t like (which is every law!)

    And as far as hiring a “full time professional” to evaluate behavior before placement? There is no such thing. There is no accepted licensing for trainers. They all make it up as they go along.

    Penisula SPCA had a “professional” to evaluate behavior. They adopted out that pit bull that nearly killed the baby at the babysitter’s!

    Evaluations for pit bulls are meaningless. These dogs still attack and kill even though they “pass” evaluations.

    The question I have is, why would a city like Indianapolis hire someone like Douglas Rae? He has failure in his resume, not success.

    And his buddy Winograd is just promoting him, and hiding those failures.

    Why did Indianapolis take on this liability?

  3. As far as Douglas Rae and the fulltime “professional” evaluator or behaviorist he wants the city to hire to ok pit bulls before they get adopted out


    In their own words, from one of these behaviorist/evaulators, “How do I choose a dog trainer or behavior consultant?
    Did you know that ANYONE can call themselves a dog trainer or behaviorist? The law does not require any formal training or licensing”

    Rae is not telling the truth.

    And Indianapolis is going to have to pay the price for Douglas Rae’s make-believe.

    He is setting up Indianapoolis for some giant lawsuits that Indianapolis will lose when Rae hands out a pit bull that disfigures or kills someone.

  4. First of all, Nathan Winograd (who is linked to Douglas Rae. Winograd had him hired at PACCA in Philadelphia) ADVOCATES PLACING AGGRESSIVE DOGS!

    He has written this in his No Kill blog and materials.

    But Douglas Rae WAS placing dogs that others felt were dangerously aggressive in Philadelphia!

    Tara Derby (the miserably failed CEO) at least was taking some more care to have aggressive dogs euthanized.

    But when Douglas Rae was running the shelter, he was releasing dogs into the community that others felt were too dangerous to place. And Winograd SUPPORTED that!

    Contrary to Rae’s words in the Indystar article, Rae HAS been releasing questionably aggressive dogs into the community and endangering the public!

    From a Phildelphia Daily News article “Winograd also says that the animal save-rate is 50 percent on days Derby is in charge and 70 percent on days when Rae makes the life-and-death calls. Rae declined to comment on Winograd’s numbers, but concedes that he and Derby had disagreements about when a dog is too dangerous to be adopted.

    “I have an opinion about what an aggressive dog is, Tara has an opinion about what an aggressive dog is, but today we’re closer to the center,” Rae says.”

    Rae has a track record of placing questionably dangerous dogs!

    Indianapolis is getting set up, and they are not being told the truth.

  5. I just read this morning of the meeting of the commission there that the new director, Rae, intends to stop euthanizing pit bulls, in other words, he will be adopting them out. He will also probably be against any bans. Rae was the second in command in Philly, PACCA, a “No Kill Equation” shelter that failed miserably. And didn’t just fail, it created horrible conditions for the animals and was on the verge of having neglect charges filed. Doesn’t anyone checked backgrounds any more?

  6. The reason that Nathan Winograd wants Douglas Rae to be placing pit bulls has nothing to do with helping the dogs or caring about people.

    It has to do with NUMBERS, STATISTICS.

    Nathan Winograd’s whole No Kill business is based on bragging about “live release rates” and “kill rates.”

    It’s all numbers fudging.

    And Winograd is taking credit for Indiapolis No Kill. He puts it on his resume of No Kill shelters as he tries to sell his product to other cities. He claims Douglas Rae is enacting Winograd’s No Kill product.

    Because No Kill never works in animal control, the Winograd followers stuff animals wherever they can- foster homes, “rescue” groups, placing them with anyone who will take them.

    It’s spreading animals around to make the euthanasia statistics LOOK low on paper for the shelter.

    The problem is that they run out of responsible foster homes and groups quickly, so they lower their standards and literally shove animals anywhere, including at hoarders like PACCA did in Philadelphia (and another Winograd follower in Reno Nevada did).

    This means that aggressive animals too are getting dumped with unqualified unknowns to get them off the shelter books.

    And they hand out dogs like pit bulls to people who can’t handle them and don’t understand pit bull issues, and guess what the pit bulls do?

    It is kind of like a shell game, but the animals and the public suffer.

    The animals die uncounted at some hoarders, or rip up some child of a pit bull adopter or their neighbor (while the No Kill shelter claims they are successful because their euthanasia “numbers” are lower)

    OR we have the other extreme, like in San Antonio where Winograd gave one of his No Kill propaganda talks. No Kill San Antonio quickly ran out of space and foster homes, SO THEY JUST AREN’T PICKING UP STRAYS OR TAKING ANIMALS IN. There are packs of pit bulls attacking the public in San Antonio because their No Kill shelter is trying to pretend that No Kill works.

  7. The PACCA situation is complex and occurs over time! Does anyone know where I can find the definitive story? AND WAS RAE involved? I thought it was a female director that was on the hot seat?

  8. “And Winograd is taking credit for Indiapolis No Kill. He puts it on his resume of No Kill shelters as he tries to sell his product to other cities. He claims Douglas Rae is enacting Winograd’s No Kill product.”

    Rae has only been on the job for how many weeks in Indianapolis?

    It’s very clear that Winograd’s system is only about the numbers. And, that he most certainly supports aggressive dogs being adopted out. He has a “special” PDF file for Dangerous Dog owners on his website. He basically tells them that if you get busted, leave the state. This strips the DD label. The man has no business in a public safety conversation.

    When did Rae get booted from PACCA?

  9. Tara Derby was running PACCA (Winograd hired her in)

    But when Winograd’s No Kill method failed, she stopped showing up to work, and Douglas Rae essentially took over to continue the Winograd agenda.

    He of course did no better and PACCA continued to decline into meltdown, then Rae and his Winograd cronies all got fired.

    Rae is just bringing the same Winograd failed method to Indianapolis.

    The question is, what “public safety director” in their right mind would hire someone with Rae’s background?

    The director who hired Rae is Scott Newman.

    Scott Newman clearly had some sort of communication going on with Nathan Winograd and Winograd’s supporters in Indianapolis, and Scott Newman swallowed their deception not only about Winograd No Kill but about Douglas Rae.

    This is NOT acceptable for a Public Safety Director, getting involved with a private consulting business to get that consulting business’s crony a city job.

    Scott Newman has brought public safety PROBLEMS to Indianapolis through Winograd and Rae.

    This No Kill thing is a BUSINESS for Nathan Winograd, and Scott Newman helped his business.

    Winograd is even using the media to promote his crony. Why is someone from California commenting in Indianapolis affairs?

    Winograd/Rae have set up something with this Scott Newman, who has NOT acted responsibly as a public servant.

  10. DD link

    It is a matter of great concern if your dog is in danger of being euthanized for alleged viciousness. If your dog has been impounded, be sure to request a hearing date so that you will have a chance to convince the judge or hearing officer that your dog is not incorrigible and that you are a responsible guardian…

    You may want to bring friends, neighbors, your veterinarian or other concerned parties to testify
    on your and your dog’s behalf. If your dog was seized in error, be sure to bring witnesses who can testify that your dog was elsewhere when the incident occurred.

    Temperament testing can be a useful way of providing an independent assessment of your dog’s disposition and may be helpful to your case. Various organizations offer temperament testing. One such organization that offers testing nationwide is the American Temperament Test Society.

    (GEE — it’s like a kickback!)

    As a last resort to save the life of your dog, you may want to consider relocating your dog to a good home in another state or county.

  11. Winograd lifted that from the Animal Legal Defense Fund

    Did you notice that they promote ATTS American Temperament Testing Society as a “qualified” group?

    The ATTS is a front group for pit bull breeders that issues sham statistics and “studies” to hide pit bull agressiveness

    The ATTS is a business lobby for pit bull breeders

    So, indirectly through this Animal Legal Defense Fund, Winograd is promoting the interests of pit bull breeders

  12. It looks like Public Safety Director got duped by an extremist Animal Control Advisory Board.

    Advisory Board Chairman Warren Patitz and his crew were the ones who came up with the job candidate “choices” for Newman.

    Clearly, Scott Newman didn’t do his homework about the people Patitz and company were promoting, and he got suckered into hiring the Winograd crony Rae.

    This is a common way for Winograd to work. He gets his followers to get onto “advisory boards” for animal control where they have no transparency to the public, and they start running the show and getting the Winograd product into animal control and hiring Winograd cronies.

    They are trying the exact same routine in King County Washington.

    It looks like maybe Scott Newman never heard about the failures of Rae and Winograd.


    The problem with these Animal Control citizen advisory committees or boards is that they answer to no one, they aren’t researched, it is unknown what their business associations or biases are, and they have no responsibility to the public

    They can make up their own game, and play it by their rules

    The potential for abuse and manipulation of tax dollars and the city is huge!

    In some areas, breeder lobbyists have gotten onto these advisory boards and opposed laws breeders don’t like and protected puppy mills and dog fighters from regulation.

    This is a different variation of the same sort of manipulation- No Kill zealots infiltrating animal control and taking over.

    They clearly controlled the information that Scott Newman had about Rae, and he just went with the person these No Kill zealots wanted him to hire.

    The city got manipulated by special interests.

    Special BUSINESS interests, because No Kill Winograd style IS a business.

    And a public servant (a public safety director!) let himself get manipulated and didn’t do his job to protect public safety!

    He let in a No Kill product that is OPPOSED to public safety measures, and has endangered the public!

  14. Do a little digging, and you will see that the job selection process was a sham from the start

    Way back in April of 2008 Warren Patitz was already stating, BEFORE HE WAS EVEN APPOINTED TO THE ANIMAL CONTROL ADVISORY BOARD, “Patitz would like to see HSI embrace national animal advocate Nathan Winograd’s no-kill equation, which calls for liberal use of rescue groups and volunteers, aggressive spay/neuter programs and innovative adoption efforts, among other things.”

    Patitz got onto the advisory board to BRING IN WINOGRAD AND WINOGRAD’s CRONIES

    This “narrowed down to 3 candidates” sham job selection was a sham.

    Warren Patitz had already stacked the deck for Nathan Winograd!

    Warren Patitz already had Winograd’s business and business associates set up for the job

    And Scott Newman just fell into his trap

  15. These “citizen advisory boards” for animal control need to be eliminated.

    Elected officials, that have a responsibility and an obligation to the PUBLIC, need to be making important decisions about who is to run animal control and how to run it

    These “citizen advisory boards” just end up with private people seeking private interests, NOT the interests of the public or even the animals!

    The public doesn’t choose them or have any say in the matter!

    That is not government. That is private business taking over government affairs.

  16. More on the advisory board. The city was “done in” before Rae was even hired.

    The Indianapolis Animal Care & Control Advisory Board on Wednesday recommended a supporter of a “no kill” strategy to lead the city’s animal shelter. After a public hearing with the three finalists, the five-member board gave a unanimous nod to Doug Rae, who most recently was chief operating officer of the city shelter in Philadelphia.

  17. Mr. Rae was most recently the Chief Operating Officer for the Philadelphia Animal Care and Control/PAWS which served as the primary animal care shelter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Mr. Rae has also served as the Shelter Operations Manager in Maricopa County, Arizona and as the Director of Operations for the Humane Society of Harford County (MD).

    For the first time in its history, Indianapolis Animal Care and Control has hired an experienced professional for its administrative position. Doug Rae comes to Indianapolis with FIVE years of animal sheltering experience and several years of corporate management.,+Indiana+Animal+Control+Director&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=10&gl=us&client=safari

    FIVE YEARS EXPERIENCE! This seems equivalent to 1.65 years per location!

    Looks like Boks and Rae both have a background at Maricopa. Boks is a jumper too. Maricopa County (Phoenix), Arizona, then the New York City Center for Animal Care and Control, now at LA Animal Care and Control…it just goes on and on and on.

  18. Still more digging about Warren Patitz

    First, Warren Patitz and his wife are in the DOG TRAINING BUSINESS

    They have a vested interest

    “Warren Patitz is Director of Move to Act, an organization working to reduce rates of shelter killing in Indianapolis, IN.He is also chair of the Indianapolis Animal Control Advisory Board and owner of Doggone Connection LLC, a behavior training service designed to reduce dog surrender rates in Indianapolis shelters and those of surrounding communities.”


    “Warren Patitz, owner of Doggone Connection and a behavior-training specialist who offers classes at For the Dogs. “


    “Warren Patitz , a dog trainer and author of Recreational Agility”

    This is a BUSINESS for Patitz.
    He is selling a product himself.

    I am finding AKC breed club affiliates promoting Warren Patitz. Many of these trainers do have breeder connections.

    But look at this Rules and Public Policy Committee Report June 2006

    The AKC breeders show up with their usual opposition to breed specific laws and promotion of pit bulls “it’s not the dogs, it’s the owners” garbage.

    And Warren Patitz is right there REPEATING THE AKC PROPAGANDA with this-

    “Warren Patitz, Moved [sic Move] to Act, has been a dog behavior training instructor for 30 years. He has seen many people wounded due to dog bites. He has seen arms taken off, and he has taken a child to the morgue that was killed by three family dogs, and in all the cases, the dogs were not at fault.”

    Patitz is supporting the breeder lobby and their quest to protect profits from these breeds at the expense of public safety.

  19. The city of Indianapolis got SET UP by people who want to protect breeder financial interests and promote pit bulls at the taxpayer’s expense (and at the expense of public safety)

    Patitz just got Winograd, the breeders’ friend, and his crony in there, and Douglas Rae is now pushing to do what the breeders want under the guise of this failed “No Kill’ scheme.

  20. Maricopa County?

    Maricopa County was the scene of another horrible No Kill disaster.

    Ed Boks (who is now creating chaos in Los Angeles with public screaming for him to be thrown out) was another Best Friends afiliated No Kill guru.

    He left Maricopa County, “When Ed Boks began as Director of Animal Care and Control in Maricopa County, Arizona, he claimed that he would make the agency no-kill within five years. Five years later, he was given the choice to either resign or be fired. He resigned and left the agency in financial chaos”

    I cannot believe that Indianapolis would hire ANYONE connected to Maricopa County No Kill Meltdown!

    Douglas Rae just switched from one No Kill fake guru to another to get him jobs

  21. Warren Patitz has a DIRECT BUSINESS ASSOCIATION with Nathan Winograd’s No Kill Business

    Move To Act, the group that Patitz and his wife founded, are one of the SPONSORS of Nathan Winograd’s upcoming No Kill propaganda conference

    Warren Patitz and Nathan Winograd are doing business TOGETHER selling product.

    Indianapolis got set up big time.

  22. Winograd’s No Kill conference is also being sponsored by an organization known as PetConnection

    PetConnection is a breeder lobbying front group, run by an AKC breeder in affiliation with other breeders, that masquerades as a “pet interest writer” business.

    Gina Spadafori, who runs it with her AKC buddies, is a rabid pro-breeder lobbyist.

    She runs a breeding business with a business partner, and tries to weasel out of it when accused of bias by saying “oh, I don’t breed the dogs, my partner does”

    She is closely affiliated with Christie Keith, an AKC dog breeder and lobbyist who writes a breeder lobbying column for the San Francisco Chronicle that pretends to be about “pet interests,” but promotes AKC and breeder interests all the way. Doesn’t even admit she’s a breeder in the column!

    Keith and Spadafori have been promoting Winograd on behalf of breeder financial interests, because Winograd spreads their breeder propaganda around and opposes laws breeders don’t like.

  23. The Indianapolis map is excellent. You can see how the rate of pit attacks go down, in areas where income and education go up. (Less educated/lower income/more likely to bring a pit to the neighborhood) But what is most remarakable is the mere number of pit cases that required response by law enforcement… hardly the best use of resources and tax dollars!

    Enough. Ban them!

  24. I wonder what the estimated yearly cost of dealing with pit bulls is for Indianapolis?

    While the breeders keep making money off these dogs

  25. Didn’t know where to post this…another animal attack;

    An older couple running a small organic egg business had their livelihood wiped out when the neighbor’s pit bull slaughtered all of their ducks. The neighbor typifies the sociopathic pit bull owner we time and again…even though her dog was found INSIDE THE DUCK PEN with the dead ducks, she denies her dog did anything.

    The old man shot the dog when it growled at him FROM INSIDE HIS OWN DUCK PEN!! The dog owner is mad that her dog was killed and is unapologetic.

  26. Anon, you only need to look at the Philly audit to get the info you need. Rae was the COO and therefore the audit reflects more on his lack of management skills than on the CEO who usually doesn’t bother with the day to day chores. I don’t have the link handy but do a search for audit+PACCA. The audit itself doesn’t name names but it definitely reflects on “management”.

  27. This livestock attack has been recorded anonymous, but we can’t always write a blog post about each attack. We encourage you to join the user forum (click the orange link, “discuss this blog post!”) and get to know the members that are helping us track these attacks!

  28. Maricopa County…Isn’t this where the famous Ambul “Kane” was adopted out by the humanane society and killed the Whitehurst girl? The dog allegedly passed three temperment tests then failed the real world temperment test.

  29. Animal Control adopts new pit bull policy
    WTHR-TV, Feb. 13, 2009
    Indianapolis – The new director of Indianapolis Animal Care and Control has a new policy on the handling of pit bulls brought into the shelter.

    Doug Ray says stray pit bulls that come in will be adopted out if they’re not aggressive. That wasn’t the case until Ray got on scene January 12th.

    “A pit bull came and was held the mandated straight period which was four days and after that it was euthanized unless it went to rescue,” said Ray.

  30. It is unbelievable to me that the new mayor is allowing this… Proliferating MORE pit bulls under Doug Raes plan is not going to help the situation…It’s almost an in your face “The citizenry will just have to ADJUST” to the increased bites and maulings inflicted by the pit bull community.


  31. Regardless of which side of the issue you’re on, threats and vandalism are never acceptable. Some of the people against bsl use threats and intimidation, and I think it’s irritating and ridiculous behavior.

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