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8 thoughts on “'Bonita' Merchandise by Best Friends is Swiftly on the Way

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  1. In other words, Best Friends screwed up!

    “Yet with anesthesia there are never any guarantees no matter how many precautions you take, with animals as well as humans. Clinic staff performed the blood work beforehand, they monitored her closely during the procedure, but in the end Bonita’s body didn’t respond well to the anesthesia.”

  2. So this dog was warehoused, miserable, and died fairly quickly.

    Best Friends profited on this dog from the Vick money they received for her.

    As for “rehabbed” listen to these people! She was NEVER rehabbed.

    Now the Best Friends founders will profit on money from merchandising this dog.

    The merchandise sales are owned by a separate company that is FOR PROFIT, and the profits go to the FOUNDERS, not the sanctuary or the dogs.

    These Vick dogs are making money for INDIVIDUALS, that is the sickest thing of all.

  3. It’s sad how pit advocates come up with these stories to “explain” the conditions of pit bulls, and no pit lover ever dares to question them. As the adopter of a dog with worn down/broken front teeth, I was told the truth, that the dog chewed on the front of its cage until it was rescued. Usually the simplest explanation is the right one. If a living pit has old scars, it was not a bait dog, it was fighting over a period of time. A fighting pit would not have its teeth filed down – that would make him loose a grip. Unless its fighting days were over and it was being bred, and too human aggressive to handle with teeth.

  4. Best Friends quote from this article

    “Often, the media gets it wrong,” says Michelle Besmehn, the dog care manager at Best Friends, who acknowledges that part of the Vick project is to restore the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier”

    Best Friends is acknowledging that it is working for pit bull breeders and dog fighters.

    They may as well just rename themselves Gamedog Animal Sanctuary.

    Some people have been laid off at Best Friends because of the economy.

    But people like Michelle Besmehn and the BF vet get to keep their jobs and incomes by lying about pit bulls, and promoting pit bulls for breeders, and “selling” the Vick dogs.

  5. They just hired pit bull superstar Ledy Van Kavage too…Bonita’s death with free up some of the $18K dowry that came with her for other purposes…

  6. Yes, Ledy was hired as a lobbyist for Best Friends in December 2008. Now what? I guess lots of lobbying…!

  7. In a Game-dog thread, they talk about “Chain Biters”

    BoiBoi – I feel ur pain DWD, my bitch still fights her chain a little but only when she gets worked up over somethin. When i first put her on the chain at around 4 months or so she went apeshit and i was afraid that she would break her teeth but i did what i thought was best and left her on the chain and went in the house. I stayed in the house observing from the kitchen window where she couldn’t see me and after a little while she stopped fighting it and was more interested in exploring the chain spot. I don’t think i’ll ever get her to stop fighting the chain when she gets worked up because her sire broke all his hardware fighting the chain while he was in a keep.

    JC-Pitbulls – “I got one thats been chewing a chain , dog house and what ever else she can get a hold of for 5 years, but she is what she is, A Bulldog”

    Booby Rooster – On small dogs and most other breeds they work, but MOST bulldogs love to chew chew chew, its like their teeth itch and the only way to get that itch is to chew on stuff all the time…

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