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29 thoughts on “Franklin County Shelter Adopts Out Biting Dogs to 'Save More Dogs' and Dumps Behavioral Testing

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  1. There is yet another scandal involving this psycho shelter director Lisa Wahoff. She hired an ex con, became intimately involved with him, he stole from her, staff was afraid of him etc etc etc. I can”t put my hands on that link at the moment but I will keep looking.
    The quality of people involved in animal sheltering is absolutely depressing.

  2. According to reports, Wahoff is a Registered Nurse. In her professional capacity as a Nurse she must be aware that the Ohio Board of Nursing takes a very dim view of alteration of medical records.

  3. This is an example of the delusion that is No Kill

    Horrible suffering, terrible cruelty, disease, danger to the public

    Horrible dying all in the name of “not euthanizing”

    Everything this Wahoff was doing is what Nathan Winograd (and Best Friends) advocate.

    This No Kill always ends up the same way- overcrowding, death, handing out animals to hoarders and dog fighters, handing out aggressive dogs- but the No Kill fanatics will always claim they are being “persecuted” and that others are lying about them.

    The No Kill people will then smear other people and whistleblowers any way they can to keep the madness going or bring it into the community. (This is currently going on in King County Washington. One of the No Kill zealots there is actually a vet with a record of abusing drugs in his dead dogs’ names!)

    There is a blog that documents some of the Winograd No Kill failures at


    These No Kill fanatics are trying to take over Animal Control in many areas and latch on to tax dollars for this madness.

    Some legislators are gullible and manipulated by these people, and don’t know of the disaster that No Kill has been.

    It is not possible to run an open admission shelter or pound that is No Kill, no matter what any fanatic tries to claim.

    It is very important to educate your community if this illness comes to your town.

  4. Sadly, I think far too many people in the animal welfare community suffer from mental illness….it is quite common for people who are hoarders, (a recognized form of mental illness) to become involved in rescue.

    There is really no such thing as “no kill” shelters…they are actually limited admission shelters. There are NO local open admission shelters in my immediate area, so animals are simply being dumped…cats especially, which contributes to the feral cat population, and the fattening up of the local coyote population.

    Here is an interesting article I found on pet finder about adopting out pit bulls….

    In 2000, a pit bull survey was sent out to shelters across the country by the ASPCA…..46 shelters in 23 different states responded. Some of the results…

    “While 17 percent of the shelters that responded to the survey felt that the pit bulls they handled were no different than any other dogs, breed-specific behaviors were noted by the majority. The following differences received the most nods by participating shelters: more aggressive toward other dogs (65 percent), more energetic (43 percent), more difficult to “read” (28 percent), more difficult to handle due to physical strength (26 percent) and do not kennel well (24 percent). The very traits that shelter workers found problematic are the essence of the breed-at least historically. A pit fighting dog needs strength, stamina and tenacity. It is to his disadvantage to give away his next move by telegraphing it to his opponent via his body language. Above all, he must be willing to fight other dogs.”

    Funny that we don’t read much about this survey now, huh?
    Another interesting note….

    “While pit bulls who test as being dog- and people-friendly make excellent companions, it is not in a shelter’s best interest to kennel an overabundance of pits. Their energy and arousal level stress out the dogs kenneled next to them. Adoptions fall off when kennels are filled with only one type of dog, and the shelter’s reputation as a great place to get a family dog suffers.”

    This is true…..I know people who turned to breed specifc rescues or breeders after looking in the local shlters because they were full of pits and other muscle dogs. I am amazed at the amount of resources it takes to safely and successfully care for, evaluate, train, and adopt out the rare pit with a solid temperament. You could save 10 friendly, highly adoptable dogs for the cost of saving one pit.

  5. Thanks to the anonymous poster for the link to the HSUS policy on placement of fighting dogs, very useful information!

  6. (This is currently going on in King County Washington. One of the No Kill zealots there is actually a vet with a record of abusing drugs in his dead dogs’ names!)


  7. “It is not possible to run an open admission shelter or pound that is No Kill, no matter what any fanatic tries to claim.”


  8. What is going on in Montgomery County? Please point us to some news article links if you have them. And share any insights that you might have.

  9. I agree with Sue Sternberg’s assessment that “no-kill” policies, in a shelter environment, is cruel. No kill is all about human feelings, emotions, and egos, not about what is best for dogs. Dogs have no concept of their own mortality .(and good for them!) But they do understand and experience fear, pain, and anxiety. Keeping an unadoptable dog for long periods of time in a shelter kennel is far crueler than humanely euthanizing him.

    I think the no kill movement was a public relations ploy to help fundraising efforts….it sits better with the donors to say that no animals are being euthanized. It also keeps the public safely ignorant about the real problems of pet overpopulation.


    But the problem is that the No Kill salesmen have teamed up with the breeders, puppy mill breeders, dog fighters and oppose any kind of law that breeders don’t like- which is ANY law

  11. “No kill is all about human feelings, emotions, and egos”

    It is also about MONEY

    Donations, salaries, consultancies, selling books

    No Kill makes MONEY for the salespeople selling it

  12. By the end of the week, she have will resigned in disgrace like that OTHER dysfunctional bimbo shelter director, Jere Alexander.

  13. Barbara Carmen's article says that:

    "Turk said in a letter to county administrators that Wahoff summoned an employee to euthanize her dog at home and illegally allowed a fatal drug to be taken off the premises. He said she overruled and chased away Ohio State University veterinarians, and that her policies caused overcrowding at the shelter, allowing disease to spread.

    He said Wahoff also stopped him from disciplining an employee with whom she had a "spousal" relationship, according to court records Wahoff signed. And he accused her of falsifying records to omit biting incidents so that dogs still could be adopted."

  14. Director of Broward Animal Care quits after three months
    Ray Sim, who took over Broward County Click here for restaurant inspection reports’s troubled Animal Care and Regulation Division in mid-October, resigned abruptly on Friday. Sim had previously served as deputy director of Animal Services in El Paso, Texas and director of Alachua County Animal Services in Gainesville.
    Animal Director Hopping! You all might want to keep track of this guy.,0,3218491.story

  15. MORE shelter scandals. This time in Florida.

    Shelter Director Don Cohen charged with animal cruelty

    Of course, they are all screaming SMEAR CAMPAIGN!

    Also in Florida, the St. Augustine Humane Society which closed its doors in October because of financial problems, is looking to recreate itself as a nokill shelter. Yeah, that should solve the money problem!


    From this story:

    On Thursday, animal services issued a citation to Don Cohen, director of Gulf Coast Humane Society, after investigating an ill dog named Pinky. Animal Services was notified of the poor condition of the approximately 8-month-old mixed-breed dog on Wednesday when someone submitted a photo, which shows the puppy with open, bloody sores over much of her body.

    Some with the humane society asked for the citation given to Don Cohen to be reversed at Friday’s meeting. That’s something animal services said would not happen.

    “We feel issuing a citation to Don Cohen was ludicrous,” said Mark Scarola, former board president for the Gulf Coast Humane Society.

    This shelter has repeatedly adopted out dogs with known bite histories, withholding that information from the adopters. In Florida there is no overseeing agency to shut them down.

  17. The Gulf Coast Humane Society in Ft. Myers, FL was supposed to be “low-cost” clinic which would provide affordable spay / neuter services and core vaccinations to low-income citizens who otherwise would not get them.

    Check their lame website.

    They charge $170-$290 for spay / neuter—that is not low cost. (Unless you’re on the Board of Directors, then you get at least a 10% discount!!! What’s wrong with this picture???) Director Don Cohen misled Society members and the public by promising the clinic would provide services to those who could not afford a “full-service” vet.

    But at these prices, this clinic is doing NOTHING to provide spay/neuter services to those who need them, so pet overpopulation continues. But it IS offering unfair business practices in competing with our local vets who have to pay normal rent, insurance, taxes, etc., but have none of the protections afforded by a “Humane Society’s” not-for-profit status. This is clearly an unfair business practice, and benefits no one except the HUMANS at Gulf Coast.

  18. Another firing in Ohio:
    03-20-09: Clark Co. Dog Warden Accused Of Misconduct
    The head of Clark County’s Humane Society was terminated from his job after a series of allegations by Humane Society trustees. Ed Sisler is being accused of “employee misconduct” and “managerial deficiencies.” Trustees said Sisler allegedly stole property from a home on February 19, when the Humane Society responded to a house full of suspected malnourished animals.

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