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6 thoughts on “Animal Cruelty Law Tests Free Speech: Dogfighting Videos

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  1. I had never heard of a ‘crush video’ before this article, and all I can say is: Those are some sick, disgusting FREAKS!

    I’ve long suspected that a similar ‘fetish’ exist for pit bull fanciers… some sort of perverse arousal through the ownership of a breed that mutilates and kills.

    It makes me puke. These freaks belong in hell.

  2. I agree with the above poster… I think there is a sub-culture of pit bull owners who have fetishized pit bulls. If you hang around on some of the message boards, you get a clear picture of how obsessed some of the posters are with the breed… a point where it doesn’t seem psychologically healthy.

  3. Make no mistake. These sick bastards have a compulsion to engage in blood sports much like a pedophile is drawn to the boy scouts. They can not control their sick desires. People like Mike Vick and Ed Faron are about as likely to be “cured” of their sickness as a pedophile priest. That’s why they are desperately seeking alternatives to dog fighting like hog dogging.

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