Victoria Signals End to Unregistered Pit Bulls After Fatal Attack

30 Days Amnesty Melbourne, AU - In the wake of a little girl brutally killed by a pit bull-mix in a "home-invasion" attack, the Baillieu Government is rushing new laws through Parliament to arm council officers with the power to seize and destroy unregistered restricted dog breeds.1 Prior to this, crosses of restricted breeds could escape inclusion on the dangerous dogs register. Owners of pit bull crosses have one month to register their dogs or face the animal's seizure an… [Read full blog post]

After $2.2 Million Award, Dog Bite Victim Sue Gorman Says System is Still Flawed

Safety Issues Persist Gig Harbor, WA - On August 21, 2007, two pit bulls entered a residential home through a side sliding door and attacked a disabled woman while she slept. The victim, 59-year-old Sue Gorman, suffered serious injuries to her face, forearms and hands. Prior to the incident, animal control had made over a dozen visits to the home of the dogs' owners due to complaints by area residents. Gorman alone had called 911 at least ten times leading up to the attack. There… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Owner's Sister Blames Mauling on 6-Year Old Tyah Norris

Pit bull attack victim, Tyah Norris. Photos Released UPDATE 01/03/11: The family of Tyah Norris has released recovery photos of Tyah four months after she was mauled by three pit bulls. Tyah endured hundreds of stitches, multiple surgeries and spent nearly three weeks at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital following the incident. Her visits to the hospital since have shifted from weekly to monthly. Like most pit bull scalp attack victims, Tyah underwent skin grafting and wil… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Dog Aggression: Pit Bull Knocks Down 6-Foot Fence to Attack Dog

Breaks Dog's Back Oakland County, MI - Back in June, Gloria and Steve Chrisman, like many others, witnessed pit bull dog aggression first hand. This aggression is acceptable by pit bull owners, advocates and pit bull lobbying groups. Such groups claim that pit bulls are dog-aggressive not human-aggressive and therefore do not pose a risk to the public. Animal advocacy groups like Best Friends and the ASPCA support this deceptive claim and strongly pit bull laws, including… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Dog Aggression: Pit Bull Charges Through Screen Door to Attack

Home Invasion Attack Lehigh Acres, Fl - In another example of deadly pit bull dog-aggression, a neighbor's pit bull charged through a family's front screen door and mauled their small dog to death. At the time of the incident Patricia Denis was decorating her home for the holidays. Her son David intervened to stop the attack and the pit bull "bit through his finger." As demonstrated by this pit bull, the breed was genetically engineered to attack and kill dogs for the purposes o… [Read full blog post]

Home Invasion Attack: Pit Bull Attacks Maryland Family

Man Seriously Injured Edgewater, MD - On Tuesday, an Anne Arundel County man's face was partially ripped off and his wife and son were also injured in an attack by a pit bull. James Powell had to have more than 100 stitches in his face after the attack. News reporters spoke with Powell after he left the hospital, and he was still in pain and very angry with what had happened. So was his wife, Dana. The attack happened at a home in the Edgewater area near downtown Annapolis. According t… [Read full blog post]