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10 thoughts on “We’ve Heard It All Before! by The Old Timer - Perspectives of Advocates

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  1. After walking 12,000 miles in a single family residential neighborhood, the comment I hear frequently is: “It must be you”.

    No, it’s not me. It is the loose aggressive power breed roaming the street. The Doggers of America can’t handle the truth.

    • Preach it! I had to avoid the neighborhood park yesterday afternoon because some blankety-blank was allowing his pit bull to run loose.

      Telling this so-and-so to leash his dog would have been an exercise in futility. Because the precious doggie-woggie was playing fetch!

      Mind you, there’s a dog park a block away from this city park. He could have taken the pibble-wibble there. Any guesses as to why he didn’t?

  2. My pit bull reality moment came after my dog was attacked by an unleashed pit. The dog went from fine to KILL in 1 second, and went for the face first. My dog laid down, so the pit went over him, turned, and went for his belly. I got a kick on the pits head, just stunning it long enough for the idiot to leash it. After that I went home and googled some information. Then I realized how lucky I was that day. Haven’t walked my dog without a weapon since.

    • When I walk my dog in the early morning, I carry a knife, POM OC spray, and a Glock 26. In the afternoon/evening, I don’t carry the Glock, as I am aware people might be on the street that time of day. The law in NC is very clear…an individual is responsible for every shot that comes out of the muzzle, no matter the reason the shot is fired. I’ve never had to use the gun, but have had to use the OC spray more than once

  3. I’m so tired of the pit apologist excuses. I’m certain that deep down these people know good and well that most people aren’t raising their dogs to maul their own children and pets. But if they truly believe it, I also must know, why do you have to train a pit bull to attack, but you don’t have to train a pointer to point birds, or train a beagle to howl, or train a border collie to herd sheep? Why are pit bulls the ONLY dog that you must train to do what it was bred to do.

    And why do they think the one pit bull that didn’t maul them on the street means they’re all safe, but the one nasty toy poodle their mom owned means they’re all aggressive. Make it make sense pit nutters.

  4. The most harmful part of it is that they have created an entire army of people who have never and will never own a pit bull, but nevertheless repeat all of these arguments and share them on social media.

  5. You don’t even have to google “pit bull attack.” Just google “dog attack” and the results are the same. It’s such a breed/type-specific issue. If you googled “spaniel attack” or “collie attack” – every story will be about a spaniel or collie attacked by a pit bull.

  6. My ComeToJeebus moments were when I was working high risk security and training dogs.

    Pitbull owners would threaten to sic their cheap-azz dogs on our highly trained, expensive, purebred dogs, and on us, the security responsible for keeping the people who lived in these complexes, safe.

    Many of us forked out our hard earned money, to buy anti-pitbull collars.

    One night, a loose pitbull from down the street, attacked my working dog in the dark. As it couldn’t get a grip, my leashed (I dropped it at the attack) Bouvier decimated it because it just wouldn’t leave off the attack. My ex-husband and I were bashing the pitbull with huge maglights.

    Blood and flesh bits were scattered everywhere, but not a mark on my dog when the pitbull ran off screaming in agony. I was late for work and extremely shaken up. I wouldn’t wish that agony on any dog–and I fully blame the idiot neighbour. I never saw him with that dog, again.

    I’d seen my fair share of dog fights before, but NOTHING can prepare you for a pitbull attack. They just don’t stop after a bite or two–they don’t stop until they’re dead or dying.

    Later I would see the same stupidity in pitbull owners when they brought their dogs in to train. They thought they knew it all and I used to ask, “If you are not going to follow instructions and you know so much, how did you get in this mess and why are you paying ME?”

    Yes, it’s the genetics. It’s genetics combined with owners who refuse to acknowledge that pitbulls ar loaded weapons and nobody can predicts when they will go off or why and whose owners, far too often, are proud of that and use it against other people and animals.

    BSL has at least made it so there are fewer pitbulls and the ones that do own them, know the risk they take.

  7. The first time I’d heard of a human being killed by pits was Dianne Whipple. I was shocked that a dog (2) would do this to a person. I was always taught that dogs were ‘mans best friend’. After that I got married, had children and lived in an area where everyone seemed to have a pit or a mix. They were what convinced me to buy a handgun and get my CCP. I also have spent years on social media trying to educate/argue with pit advocates. It’s a waste of time with them but hopefully someone reading these exchanges who is on the fence about pits might be swayed.

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