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7 thoughts on “Pit Bulls Kill One Horse, Severely Injure Another in Las Vegas

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving from the Pit owning shitbird neighbors!

    Clark County has a pit bull problem!

  2. The owners of these dogs do not have clue what this does to a horseman, not a clue. Can you imagine walking out to your barn to feed in the morning and finding a horse that you love mauled to death and another with critical injuries? The emotional investment, time investment and financial investment we have in our horses is huge! This is our life and it has just come to a sickening halt. Imagine the emergency vet call. Imagine the ongoing care of the injured horse. Imagine finding someone with the appropriate heavy equipment to bury or dispose of the dead horse’s body, on Thanksgiving morning. Imagine cleaning the blood off the stall walls, or off the paddock fence… on Thanksgiving.
    This does not end on the day of the attack. That injured horse needs to be handwalked several times a day. Those sutured areas need to be cleaned and treated several times a day. The horse needs to be medicated for pain, needs antibiotics too. The horse will have flashbacks, better be real careful with that, keep the kids safely out of range. Those flashbacks can be violent and dangerous and may go on for as long as the horse lives. How much did the horse owners see? They will have flashbacks too. Now imagine who will pay all the costs and do all the physical work here, it will be the horse owner.
    And the owner of the dogs is cranky because both of his dogs have be declared vicious and he wants one of them back?????

  3. Bluesmom, thank you for your input and thought-provoking posts. You have brought up some very good points about horse attacks. The financial and emotional damage for the horse owner is tremendous.

    Horses are sensitive, intelligent animals, who, under normal circumstances, can defend themselves against most dogs. Pit bulls pose a unique threat because of their hard-wired ability to ignore pain, their fearlessness, and their ability to attack and bring down livestock.

    Horses live for 30-40 years…what does a horse owner do when her five year old horse is savaged by a pit bull, and becomes fearful, damaged, and unridable for the next several decades? The pit bull rescue agels don’t care about other animals…they only care about their pit bulls. The life of a horse is worth nothing to a pit bull owner, which is why they own the dogs in the first place.

  4. To a pitter, a horse isn’t real. Nothing is real unless it’s directly connected to themselves.
    A pit dog says a lot about it’s owner, like,
    “I’m a narcissist living in a dream world where only I matter.”

  5. Thank you all for your thoughts and comments. The little mare that fought so hard was part of my family of horses. My big stoic gelding who tried to help her, will battle the horrendous after math of the relentless butchering by these dogs possibly, for the rest of his life. He kicks wildly at nothing. He is unapproachable by anyone but me…and yes this could and probably will go on for the rest of his life. It’s absolutely heart breaking to see this once proud and trusting magnificent animal, reduced to cowarding in the corner of his stall, lashing out at anyone or anything passing by. In all my life I never thought I would be witness to such carnage and destruction.
    My gelding along with the rest of my animals have all been moved to other facilities for their safety yes, but mostly because it broke my heart to see my gelding standing in the same spot for 2 days, afraid to move because even though the arena and his stall had all been scrubbed and the dogs were gone, there was so much blood everywhere, I’m certain he felt completely vulnerable and unsafe. As the owner and responsible party it breaks me heart feeling that there was something more I should have done to protect him and the little mare. My property is completely fenced and gated. The dogs gained entry onto the property by digging a hole 2 feet deep, then chewing threw the remaining fencing weakened by water and time I suppose.

    Until I could find someplace safe to keep him, he had to endure this unyielding sense of terror … and here I am looking out the window at this idiot pit bull owner with his 2 new pit bull puppies. His common arrogance commingled with his blinding ignorance is a dangerous combination…but trust me….
    This fight has just begun.

  6. To the above poster, please join us on the forum. You will find tremendous support.
    There is nothing else that you might have done to protect your animals from the mindless violence. The fight HAS begun and you are not alone.

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