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5 thoughts on “NYT: Dogfighting Subculture is Taking Hold in Texas

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  1. On the NY Times article-

    First, “The ring members called the fights “dog shows.”

    And that’s what the dogfighters and breeders tell the dumb reporters and city councilors and local law enforcement- and they are often gullible enough to believe the dogfighters

    Second, “Dr. Dawn Blackmar, director of veterinary public health for Harris County, said that putting down more than 80 dogs in her care was heart-wrenching. “It was absolutely awful,” Dr. Blackmar said. “It’s not the dogs’ fault. It’s that people have taken and exploited this breed.”

    Just what is it with the feeble-minded vets getting out of vet school these days?

    Seriously dumb.

    Sweet little Dawn seems to have no understanding that the breed ORIGINATED as a fighting breed, it is WHY THE BREED WAS CREATED by humans.

    God didn’t make sweet little pit bulls to gambol about on the plains, and some mean men came and persecuted them. Pit bulls were intentionally developed and bred by man to have these aggressive characteristics and kill ability.

  2. “People would go to the fights and talk about their yards,” said Ms. Smith, the assistant district attorney. “But they were very secretive about where their yards are.”

    Many are hiding in plain site, pretending to be “responsible breeders” who “love the breed” and show up at local government meetings to go ballistic about proposed regulations.

  3. CORRECTION: Pit bulls were intentionally developed and bred by PSYCHOPATHS.

    psychopath |ˈsīkəˌpaθ|
    a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

  4. An effective punishment for these neanderthals would be to force them to play basketball…When one of them misses a shot…they are summarily drowned by the authorities.

    That would be cool…

  5. when I think about the human garbage that breeds, trains, fights, watches and gambles on this so called SPORT, i find i am at a loss for appropriate words to describe them. our dictionary needs expanding to do them justice. for now, the best i can come up with is scumbag pig vomit.

    i despise them, i believe they should be executed for their crimes. they are monstrosities and should be culled from society.

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