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11 thoughts on “Fairfield Man Stops Pit Bull Attack With Box Cutter

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  1. The Nutters in classic blame the victim form, are asking: “Why was he carrying around a Box Cutter?


  2. So Solano County Animal Control let these dogs that had attacked a dog and its owner previously to GO BACK TO THE CRIMINALS THAT OWNED THEM

    And the inevitable happened.

    No one ever bothered to check to see if they were contained in kennels.

    The only way to stop the deaths is to sue the cities and animal control.

    They are knowingly allowing dangerous dogs to attack and kill. This is to trhe point where Animal Cointrol is ENABLING attacks.

    And it is time to euthanize on the FIRST attack.

    One attack means that more will follow.

  3. Pit nutters expect the rest of society to sacrifice themselves and their cur dogs to the superior race of dogs known as Frankenpits.

  4. So now, when walking a dog, not only do we have to
    1) know to pull the pit bull away from from the fight by it’s hind legs
    2)wear an easy to undo belt to act as a makeshift choke collar to make it pass out from no air
    3) a mag flashlight to bash it,
    and now,
    4) a boxcutter for knife.

    We are now Sparta!

  5. Solano County is one of those California counties that simply won’t issue a conceal carry permit to law abiding citizens, even if they live in a pit bull infested slum.

    I’m not sure what I’d do if I lived somewhere that didn’t allow concealed carry, but I think I could do better than a box cutter. I’m glad (and surprised) it worked out!

    “Let your gun be your companion on all your walks.” Thomas Jefferson

  6. “Let your gun be your companion on all your walks.” Thomas Jefferson

    I want this for my signature.

  7. Pitters love their dogs, but yet, send them out among persons armed to defend themselves.
    Their dogs wouldn’t be strangled/shot/stabbed/slashed/bonked or euthanized if they followed the laws and had large roofed crates, muzzles, and leashes.
    Don’t let your dog roam! It might attack a person that might fight back!

  8. You’re dealing with “Dog Lovers” who have rationalized owning a powerful dog bred for killing other dogs. Deep down inside, they know special containment rules would be best for their troubled breed, but their normalcy envy won’t allow them to accept it!

  9. There's nothing wrong with carrying around a box cutter, I do all the time, mainly because I need one for work, and have it in my pocket when I get home, and when I take my dog for a walk. Not because I live in a scary neighborhood (I don't), but because I forget to take it out of my pocket when I get home. If I felt threatened by a person or an animal, I wouldn't hesitate to use it.

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