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9 thoughts on “Two Pit Pulls Jump from Pickup to Attack Passing Man

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  1. Dine and Dash at Wal-Mart!

    Hmm..pick up truck, pit pup, wal-mart lot…Sounds like the typical Canine IED salesman!

    Lillian’s Law enforcement please…

  2. Walmart got a little of what they might call karma (hope they get sued) because Walmart for years has been allowing these dog fighters & puppy mill breeders to sell dogs out of their pickup trucks right in some Walmart parking lots.

    Sick dogs, abused dogs, aggressive dogs, and this

    "June 1, 2006
    Rabies Control Officials Searching for Puppies
    Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and Wise County animal control officials are trying to locate two pit bull puppies sold in mid-March from a pickup truck in the parking lots of the Wal-Mart Supercenter and the Tractor Supply Company in Decatur."

    So many of these pit puppies come from hellholes of disease, no vaccinations.

    People have bben trying to stop these animal sales in Walmart parking lots for years, and some Walmart managers just won't stop it.

  3. “there was also a puppy in the truck”

    Would not surprise me that this was another pit bull breeder selling in the Walmart parking lot

    So when someone gets killed by a pit bull in a Walmart parking lot, will Walmart stop this?

    And many states have laws that dogs either can’t ride in open beds of trucks, or must be restrained (also because they fall out and cause accidents)

    That needs to happen in every state

    Are there laws like that in Texas?

  4. When they can just sell out of a parking lot in some store, the dog fighters breeders find business easy going

    Where are all the anti-bsl people about this cruel practice?

    Silent, because most of the anti-bsl people are breeders, including breeeders who sell their pit puppies out of trucks at parking lots or flea markets, and don’t want any laws to stop it

    They don’t care about pit bulls despite all this faked up “racism” junk. They care about the MONEY.

  5. Yikes! I’ve learned so much about the whole pit bull world since I started coming to this site. Now I know to be extra careful when walking through parking lots! How horrifying to think that getting into Wal-Mart could be life or death.

  6. After the death of Pedro Rios (Harris County, TX), in 2006, there was a push to stop the “roadside” sales of puppies, at least in Harris County. A quick Google search shows that it did pass.

    Earlier this year, the Texas Legislature passed State Bill 254, allowing counties with populations of over 1.3 million people to regulate the sale of animals on public highways, public roads, in the right-of-way of such highways and roads and in parking lots in unincorporated areas of these counties. Thus opening up the counties of Harris, Bexar, Dallas and Tarrant counties to implement such bans.

    The ban hopes to curb such activities as irresponsible breeding, animal overpopulation, the circumventing of mechanisms for ensuring that a pet is appropriateley registered, vaccinated, and spayed or neutered. Furthermore, roadside animal sales can affect local traffic patterns and conditions, potentially causing traffic accidents…

    The ban was supported by the local Pit Bull Task Force, which was formed in 2006 after the mauling death of Pedro Rios Jr in Houston. The task force is considering how to address the problems of pit bulls, that have become more prevelant in Harris County Shelters. Many people buy these animals roadside from breeders, then discover that they can’t control the animals around their families and children and let them run loose. The ban will prevent the overpopulation of these animals and curb their usage in illegal dog fighting.

    The City of Graham is located in Young County, which has less than 1.3 million.

  7. Policymakers are catching on…!

    Denham Springs may ban roadside pet sales
    DENHAM SPRINGS — The City Council sought Thursday to stop the weekend practice of dog and cat sales along highways and within retail parking lots through the introduction of an ordinance that both outlaws and sets fines for the practice.

    The ordinance, which allows humane societies and nonprofit organizations to continue operating lot and roadside adoption activities, will be presented for public comment at 6 p.m. on Nov. 24 in the court room of the city municipal building. Denham Springs Mayor James Durbin said the recent passage of a similar ordinance in Baton Rouge has drawn people to Denham Springs…

  8. Not all Walmarts are like that – I work at a Walmart, and it's not allowed even to give kittens or puppies away free in their lot. There was an incident with a pit bull there, once (that I know of). One time during the overnight shift a pitbull figured out how to open the doors and waltz right in. Every time someone got it out, it turned around and ran back in, sniffing up and down aisles, like it had an agenda or something. It was really creepy. Our manager finally called the police & animal control, but the dog left before they got there, and I don't think it was ever found.

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