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4 thoughts on “Bexar County, Texas Pit Bull Problems Continue to Surface in the News

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  1. No Kill is like a disease.

    It’s a fanatical mental illness that ends up hurting pets and people.

    Are these No Kill fanatics refusing to pick up stray dogs, refusing to enforce laws, refusing to shut down illegal breeding operations? Are they handing out dangerous dogs to the public? Are they opposing stronger laws?

    The question also must be asked, are there people involved in either the dog fighting or dog breeding world that are using animal control or other positions of authority to pursue their business interests? Are there AKC breeders or pit bull breeders por other breeder lobbyists making decisions?

    Is this the hog hunting lobby?

    The dog breeding lobby is opposed to any kind of laws enforced or put in place for dog owners.

    There needs to an investigation into the backgrounds of the people in these departments, and in higher positions of authority.

    There may well be more Jere Alexanders and Alane Kokis hiding their business interests there.

    And the people who are hurt must talk to attorneys and consider lawsuits against the county and animal control if laws are not being enforced, or there is a refusal to deal with dangerous dogs. Or more people will die.

  2. Here is the fanatic responsible for this no kill lunacy in San Antonio

    Nathan Winograd with Best Friends.

    Of course, Winograd doesn’t mention that all his other No kill attempts have gone in similar directions!

    San Antonio got bamboozled.

    Here is what has been going on

    The No kill fanatics led by Nathan Winograd and Best Friends got themselves on the ACS Advisory board, and now THEY are running animal control instead of the city!

    Look at the problems.

    And the sick thing is, there is MORE animal suffering.

  3. In 2000, Dr David Blocker published this thesis for his Masters Degree in Public Health for the University of Texas. This was done using 1995-1997 data with the full cooperation of San Antonio and Bexar County Animal Control. They appear to have used the report as a doorstop.

    "The odds of a Pit Bull in Bexar County causing a bite were five times greater than for all the other breeds combined, at 4.9 to 1. Chow Chows and Rottweilers also had odds greater than the average, at 2.9 to 1 and 1.8 to 1, respectively. The odds ratios for German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers were significantly lower than the average, at 0.67 to 1 and 0.26 to 1."

    Texas has sustained 23 DBRFs by Pit Bulls since this report was published. As with the rest of Texas, Bexar County seems to be stuck on stupid IRT Pit Bulls…They have had three residents killed by Pit Bulls since the report was published, and absolutely neglect to pursue felony charges under Lillian's Law.

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