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7 thoughts on “2 Deaths Spur Massive Baby Crib Recall

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  1. And to make it worse, most breeders who breed and sell these dogs don’t report the income and don’t pay taxes on the animal sales, thanks to poor or no breeder regulations like licensing.

    They can easily hide their operations, don’t get business licenses, and make a lot of money selling these animals, plus add in stud fees and the like.

    The taxpayer is getting cheated from the start.

    The taxpayer then has to pay to clean up the mess, and the breeders are having a great time with all that tax-free money, no responsibilities.

    This is why the breeder lobbies are so opposed to licensing, inspection, mandatory spay neuter (they would have to get licensed.)

    Without these laws, they can easily keep it all hidden and keep cheating like crazy!

    And don’t believe that “hobby” breeder thing they all try. The pit breeders who say they just “love the breed” and “breed as a hobby and lose money?” That is a sham to put the public and the government off the scent. Tax laws say breeders have to report income and pay taxes!

  2. This is why the puppetmasters of the Pit movement have indoctinated thier dupes to reflexively parrot “It’s the owner”.

    Currently, one can breed the baddest, most human aggressive pits and face no civil liability. That’s the way they like it and want to keep it.

    “It’s the breeder, stupid!”

  3. They should force the breeders to take the “good with children” part out of the breeding standard. That might save a few kids a year.

  4. Over the past three years an American is killed by a Pit Bull every 20 days….

    Recall Please!!!

  5. NO DEATHS recall 96,000 cribs!

    96,000 cribs sold a Toys “R” Us recalled

    April 30, 2009 — “About 96,000 Jardine cribs sold at Toys “R” Us and Babies “R” Us were recalled Thursday, the company’s third crib recall in a year. The slats on the seven models of recalled cribs can break, leaving a gap where small children can get trapped or strangled, according to government safety officials.

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission has received 31 reports of broken slats and two reports of children getting trapped. Ten of the incidents were caused when a child broke the slats from inside the crib.

    The Taiwanese company recalled about 320,000 cribs in June 2008 and another 56,450 in January. The CPSC is currently crafting new rules that aim to make cribs safer and more sturdy. The rule making began last fall and could take at least another year.”

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