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6 thoughts on “Family Rottweilers Attack 18-Month Old Child in Phoenix

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  1. “Neighbors say they saw this coming.”

    Well, it ain’t rocket science. And I bet if the neighbors contacted protective services, CPS would have been helpless to do anything until after the fact.

    On the one hand, I hate anything with too much of a “Nanny State” flavor. On the other hand, children deserve protection from the rank stupidity of people who own dangerous breeds. We all deserve that protection, in our neighborhoods and elsewhere. But who is less able to understand and protest the hazards of their situation than a one year old? And despite these catastrophes happening over-and-over again, our “Nannies” stay stuck on stupid.

    Let’s face it. It’s the Nanny State that’s blown its priorities and protects these dangerous breeds and their owners. It’s the Nanny State that prevents communities from preemptively sniping dangerous breeds whenever they arrive in a neighborhood. It’s the Nanny State that blocks citizens from being sufficiently armed for their encounters with dangerous dogs. And so forth.

    Advocates for dangerous breeds are generally the ones who like to march out the Nanny State protest for a knee jerk, anti-legislation reaction. But they haven’t taken the next step to consider how a month of anarchy would play out in the complete absence of ‘The Nanny State.’ The good, regular folk might very well wipe out their dangerous breeds. Anarchy can actually be very democratic.

    In the end, our Nanny State needs to do its damn Nanny job or get the hell out of the way. Another child gets torn up in another reckless hazard, but because some people want to claim their breeds aren’t dangerous, we should just shrug our shoulders again and move on? This isn’t a partisan issue, a conservative issue, a liberal issue, an Obama issue, a McCain issue; this is pure bullshit, free and clear.

  2. So Grandma had two child mauling Rottweilers and everything is ok now?

    What happens when they break out of the yard? (Or maybe they are chained, and Grandma has been driving the dogs crazy on the chain and making bad dogs worse? What happens when they break the chains?)

    What happens if a neighbor kid goes into the yard to retrieve a ball?

    It isn’t normal for dogs to act this way. These are deeply disturbed dogs and it is impossible to be sure that they will be kept away from kids.

    What kind of person would have dogs like this? I can only imagine people who get a thrill from other people getting hurt.

    Unless these dogs are dealt with, it will happen again.

  3. “two of the five Rottweilers”

    So do you think they had their breeding business licensed? Think they have been paying taxes on the income breeding and selling dogs?

    These local authorities just allow this kind of thing to operate, and the public has to pay the price in many ways.

  4. Medical advancement continues to amaze me. How did an 18 month old child survive 10 dog bites? ER doctors, however, are concerned with saving lives. They don’t tell you how to live with the results. I can only pray the child did not suffer irreversible damage.

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