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6 thoughts on “Apple Valley Attack: Pony Attack Victim Shares Photos

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  1. This poor little horse. You can see the trauma in Sugar’s face. Think of the power of these horrible dogs to inflict damage so terrible. The pony was defenseless–The ASPCA protects pit bulls-a real friend to other animals this organization. Please do not donate to the ASPCA. Pit bulls will maul horses as you can see.
    I hope this little horse’s family will gain some comfort that these graphic pictures will help others to understand the unforgiving nature of a pit bull attack.

  2. I think we have to do more than just not donate to these types of organizations. We need to send them a letter or e-mail explaining why we won’t donate to them.

  3. Oh, that Poor Poor baby! I agree that you can see her distress and pain. How horrible! And the article above this one about the pro-pit people so desperately trying to find a home for a “dominant, aggressive, unneutered” pit that was involved in a horrific attack on a helpless senior makes my stomach ache. And how awful that an animal behaviorist is so myopic as to not euthanize that beast with out question.
    I do hope Sugar’s pictures have some positive effect…

  4. Aw, look at that Sugar. Just a halter and lead standing quietly for a pic. Good pony. My neighbor, about a mile east, has a pony named Sugar. She’s gotten out a few times and gives us a little Mustang rodeo action. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The question isn’t if pit bulls should be kept in the city, the question is if pit bulls should be kept anywhere. Simple answer: No.

  5. Exactly. These dogs are SO dangerous in semi-rural and rural areas. They are devastating horses and livestock nationwide.

  6. I have a strong stomach. I have seen the video Faces Of Death. I have seen photos of people with their faces in pieces caused by a dog. I toured the Cook County morgue, I saw many mutilated bodies. I’ve watched footage of dogs fighting on the internet. I’ve seen graphic photos of dogs after they have been attacked by a pit bull.
    Nothing disturbs me more that the photos or the mental images of horses and ponies that are mutilated by dogs. I can’t explain this because I don’t understand it but at i can’t look at this pony. I am sorry.

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