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One thought on “Pit Bull Severs Artery in 4-Year Old's Leg in Oconee County

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  1. My extra-small cocker spaniel and I rented a room “sight unseen” because it was clear over in another city and I felt I “hit it off” with my roommate really well. She told me she had “two puppies” and since my spaniel is very well socialized to other dogs and cats and kids, I never forsaw a problem. Those “two puppies” turned out to be teenage pit bulls; one a male and one a female. They were huge, and along with their very defensive owner, who kept blaming me for “having to hit them with a belt” – actually she blamed me for EVERYTHING. We became prisoners in our room. Every time I tried to take my cocker out to relieve herself, the two pits were there, biting at her, clawing her hard, and clawing me hard on my arms and feet. With their powerful heads, they would push past my strength to keep them out of my room and there they gorged themselves on my spaniels’ food and ate my expensive dental partial plate.

    One night, I thought the owner was gone and had locked the pits in her room, so I let my spaniel out back to sniff around for the first time. Immediately the two pits charged us, and I lifted my spaniel above my head and tried to make it back to my room, but the dogs had literally clawed me all the way down from my neck to my legs, until the scratches stung and bled. (I didn’t know you aren’t supposed to show fear, I just wanted to get in my room).At the same time, they bit and bit my little cocker, pulling the skin away from her bone because that was all they could reach above my head.

    I was hysterical, I admit, and called the police. I was terrified and hurting and bleeding. The police in Citrus Heights, California, would NOT file a report because they said I didn’t have a big bite/open wound. They saw the scratches on me, but I guess the flesh wasn’t opened enough in their opinion. I figured then, it was probably fruitless to go to a doctor as well, so I used first aide on myself.

    The abuse was constant. I would go into the kitchen to get my insulin, and the husky male pit would dig and claw at my feet. (It is summer and so everyone is wearing sandals; why should I have to wear heavy boots in the summer?)

    I continued on like this, in our terrified, miserable existance because I couldn’t move out until I got paid.

    Finally tomorrow I get to move out, but have to put my furniture in storage and just GET AWAY. The landlord says I owe her some money and she has been threatening me saying, “I will hurt you.” But I have no witnesses so the police aren’t going to do anything. The police look upon a renter as a discredited “transient” and so they tend to be on the landlord’s side.

    As I sit here and write this tonight, locked in my tiny room as usual, I’m nursing another bleeding scratch on my arm.

    I have been blamed for everything in the world wrong. My roommates says “this is all my fault because I won’t let my dog socialize” with her dogs. Well, when I first moved in, we tried that. They piled on top of my tender, timid dog, hurt her so bad with her claws. She is so stressed that I barely recognized my own dog now. She looks at the door in fear that one of the pits will come in. And I know that had I did not leave now, when those dogs were adults, they would have found a way to kill my cocker spaniel. In the very least.

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