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5 thoughts on “Comment: Rehabilitation is Too Risky

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  1. The Humane Society of the U.S. does not believe in the rehabilitation of fighting dogs either. Only these dog kooks who are more interested in preserving an aberation of breeding want to save killer.

  2. This is the new thing..getting your scatter-bred, inbred, rescue pit bull “certified” to be a “therapy dog”. Even though the majority of these dogs are being bred by low lifes, we are supposed to believe that they are all just Golden Retreivers in a pit bull suit.

  3. Sometimes, I get verclempt thinking about the millions of pit bulls that have been culled for not killing bears/bulls/dogs efficiently enough.

  4. Foolmeonce here. I forgot to mention that the reason the beast did not get to my face was because the ex-coworker pulled the dog back by it’s short leash. Thank goodness she had a tight grip on that leash. She had it wrapped around her hand. I also left out a very important part of this story. After the “socialized” pitbull lunged at my face, the other people there were trying to figure out what I did to provoke the dog. Maybe it was the tone of my voice? My work badge? The way I was standing? The sun glinting off my cross? The co-worker that adopted this dog said it must have been something I had done, otherwise the dog would not have exhibited such behavior. She is just so sweet and shy. Yeah, and I’m the Pope! (My apologies to the Pope.)

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