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9 thoughts on “Pit Bull Mastiff-Mix Attacks Dallas Mail Carrier

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  1. No sympathy for this pit owner – none due. There is nothing freakish, surprising or unusual about this pit’s CHOICE to attack. Pit bulls do not need a history of aggression to reasonably anticipate attacks, but this pit bull actually had this history! Hopefully the USPS will go forward with a substantial suit, prevail, and Dallas will put this dog down.

    It seems silly to educate pit bull owners one incident at a time, but without a breed specific ban, Dallas will continue on this course. The only question is, how many future attacks will be required before Dallas realizes the new ordinance stipulations didn’t go far enough?

    Some communities start with a ban, otherwise known as, “Getting it right the first time.” In other words, here’s another attack that didn’t happen in Denver.

    Kudos to Denver. Shame on Dallas.

  2. You can’t educate pit bull owners. Look at this woman, she still is in denial after her dog bit two people. All she wants is her dog back, I mean, her baby back. Society needs to get into the habit of telling people that it is not OK to own dangerous dogs.

  3. You mean a “proactive” law? Neither the US Postal Service or the City of Dallas thinks such a law is useful.

  4. This nutter is probably verclempt because her friends from the Pit Bull subculture will now reflexively throw her under the bus as a “bad owner”….

    Seriously, didn’t she know a screen door couldn’t contain a Pit/Mastiff Frankenmauler?

  5. These animals are not pets. They are aggressive, territorial, and they don’t back down from a fight. They have there uses, military or law enforcement and require a lot of attention and training. You can’t just pick up a killing machine from a local pet store and baby it, feed it table scraps, and spoil it, like MOST pet owners due. They are a dangerous weapons PERIOD. Until people start taking this seriously we will see many more attacks like this.

    My own mother has one of these dogs and its already sent my sister to the hospital with 3 stitches in her arm, and attacked my father bad enough that he could have had stitches if he wanted them.

  6. UPDATE, I posted the message above. The dog attacked again, this time is did send my dad to the hospital. His there right now with bites on his arm. I came home a sall blood on the carpet. I don’t know how bad it is.

    One thing is clear, that dog will remain in our home until it kills someone. And he will.

  7. Please contact authorities and have this animal removed from your home! Are your parents older? Do you still live in the home? With this many attacks authorities CAN take this animal away. Please contact authorities now. THEY CAN HELP!

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