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9 thoughts on “2008 Dog Bite Fatality: Mississippi 3-Year Old Boy Killed by Neighbor's Chained Pit Bull

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  1. I posted a while ago, that part of dog bite reporting needs to include a standard measure of the severity of the bite. Pit bull advocates constantly point out that other breeds bite, but they refuse to accept the reality of the fact that when pit bulls bite, they cause a lot more damage than the average dog.

    Dr. Ian Dunbar, veterinarian and animal behaviorist, has actually developed a standard protocol for assessing dog bites. I am pasting it below…

    Level 1- Dog growls, lunges, snarls-no teeth touch skin. Mostly intimidation behavior.

    Level 2- Teeth touch skin but no puncture. May have red mark/minor bruise from dog’s head or snout, may have minor scratches from paws/nails. Minor surface abrasions acceptable.

    Level 3- Punctures ½ the length of a canine tooth, one to four holes, single bite.No tearing or slashes.Victim not shaken side to side. Bruising.

    Level 4- One to four holes from a single bite, one hole deeper than ½ the length of a canine tooth, typically contact/punctures from more than canines only. Black bruising, tears and/or slashing wounds. Dog clamped down and shook or slashed victim.

    Level 5- Multiple bites at Level 4 or above. A concerted, repeated attack.

    Level 6- Any bite resulting in death of a human.

    The above assessment should be standard procedure for ALL reported dog bites. It would quickly become obvious that pit bulls were respionsible for the vast majority of level 4-6 bites.

  2. The boy is the 26th american killed by a pit bull since January 2007…The nutters are blaming the boys family.

    A dog that dangerous should never have been bred or sold! It ‘s about time to add breeders to the civil and criminal liability equation.

  3. I think the comments are perfect…the general public and elected officials really need to see what kind of sociopaths own these dogs. People are posting that it wasn’t the dogs fault, because the dog was restrained, so nothing should happen to the dog…a dog that KILLED a child in an unprovoked attack. There is NO compassion for the dead child from the pit owners….NONE.

    Wake up, people…take a real good look at who is advocating for this breed; violent, angry people who put NO value on human life.

  4. The first step is always dehumanize the victim, then rationalize it’s only 20 or so victims a year… so the “tiny” problem isn’t worth legislators time to fix.

  5. Classic Pit Nutter comment here:

    “First of all this is a horrible tragedy. All parties involved will suffer greatly this poor child died a horrific death. The only fault here lies on the parents, there is no excuse for a 3yr old to be up at 9pm much less roaming the neighborhood. There are many dogs of all breeds that do not like children, but anyone who has a pitbull knows that this is not the case with this breed. The American Pitbull Terrier rates very high as a breed that does extremely well with children. If this dog is put to sleep it speaks volumes about how truly inhumane our society is: the dog that was chained up in his own yard not bothering anyone was approached by what it took to be a threat to his territory. After all its his yard he has every right to be protective. Its no different than a yorkie that charges you and bites your ankle. its simply defending its home and owners. should it too be killed. I am an owner of a Pitbull and would let my dog near any child without a second thought.”

    Obviously, this nutter is unaware that the “Nanny breed” has killed American 14 kids in the past 18 months.

    The breeder who bred this unstable mauler has no responsibility?

  6. Another child murder by the ‘Nanny Dog,’ the breed that kills more children than all other breeds combined, often because the owner has been told these dogs are, “Wonderful with kids.” (Sure, “wonderful with kids,” if you have a criminal fetish for shredded children.)

  7. That Pit Nutter comment was INSANE! Dogs have a right to kill children that enter their space. (But according to the above law suit article, people do not have a right to kill dogs entering their space, go figure.) It is inhumane to put down a vicious dog. And death by pit bull is the same as ankle bite by Yorkie. There is a saying that people mimick their dogs, that people get the breeds that mirror their personalities. Never more true than with pit bulls and their owners.

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