2007 Dog Bite Fatality: Mary Bernal Killed by In-Law's Pit Bull

Taz, the fatally attacking pit bull, seen in quarantine (WESH Orlando video). Pit Bull Scalps Victim Deltona, FL - A pit bull that often shared a bed with its owners viciously attacked and killed a 63-year-old woman that had been visiting the family. It almost tore off the thumb of one of its owners as she tried to get the dog off her sister. It wasn't until a deputy sheriff shot the dog with a stun gun that it released its grip on the victim. In this time, the dog had pulled off the woman… [Read full blog post]

DogsBite.org Comment Policy

DogsBite.org is national dog bite victims' group. We do not post comments by pit bull advocates, pit bull breeders, dogfighters or related misguided animal groups. Victims of severe dog attacks -- and their family members and friends -- read our blog posts and comments. DogsBite.org will not subject these victims and family members to the onslaught of messages we receive that consistently blame victims for an attack and deny the genetic heritage of the pit bull breed. Dogs… [Read full blog post]

2008 Dog Bite Fatality: Great-Grandmother Killed by Her Two Family Dogs in Titusville

Victim Killed by Own Dogs Titusville, FL - Police say a 74-year old Titusville woman was killed by her two family dogs. The woman suffered a dislocated shoulder and too many bite injuries on her body to count. "This poor woman endured a vicious attack," Lt. Todd Hutchinson, a Titusville police spokesman, said. Police think Lorraine May was breaking up a fight between the dogs. The dogs, which she had owned since puppies, had a history of fighting with each other, and were report… [Read full blog post]

06/20-25/08 Pit Bulls Shot by Police

#156: Omaha Cop Shoots Pit Bull Named "Chewy" 06/20/08 | Omaha, NE Summary: Omaha cop sees expired plates (at pit bull owner's home), enters gate, cop shoots charging pit bull with the yummy name of Chewy. Pits killed: 1 BZR: Police Shoot 16-Year Old Girl Twice 06/20/08 | Columbus, OH Summary: Police shot Regina Jennings twice because they thought she was concealing a rifle beneath a blanket. Instead, she was concealing an "air gun" and reportedly a pit bull puppy. #157: Scree… [Read full blog post]

CHAKO vs. The City and County of San Francisco

Pit Bull Sterilization Law Victorious San Francisco, CA - On June 3rd, 2008 the San Francisco Office of the City Attorney released a statement regarding the CHAKO case -- a pit bull advocacy group that sued San Francisco over its mandatory pit bull sterilization law. CHAKO challenged the validity of the ordinance, alleging that it violated numerous federal and state constitutional provisions, including the right to happiness. US District Judge Maxine M. Chesney granted… [Read full blog post]

Report: Dog Attacks on Livestock and Horses January - May 2008

Seattle, WA - DogsBite.org, a national dog bite victims’ group dedicated to reducing serious dog attacks by creating common sense laws, has released its first report on dog bite trends. The report details the occurrence of dog attacks on livestock and horses in the United States from January 1st through May 20th of 2008. View full report:Report: Dog Attacks on Livestock and Horses January - May 2008 The report shows the results of dog attacks on livestock have been devasta… [Read full blog post]