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3 thoughts on “CHAKO vs. The City and County of San Francisco

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  1. Service dog discrimination is real and a civil rights attrocity!

    I have a Wolf hybrid-Rottie-Pit that serves as an emotional needs service dog helping me deal with my small manhood affliction. It pisses me off royally when the local daycare doesn’t welcome Kong with open arms. I spent alot of time sewing his official orange service dog vest!

  2. San Francisco, wasn’t that the city where the pit bull service dog rescued by some bleeding heart shelter angel let her dog off leash and it attacked a police horse?

  3. Yes, it was Golden Gate park. The dog wasn’t a service dog, I believe it was used as a therapy dog. The owner was an SPCA volunteer. There was a lot of gushing about how “wonderful” the pit was, how he passed temperament tests with flying colors.

    The owner had him off leash at the park, when the mounted police officer told her to leash him. The dog took on look at the horse and lost it, attacking the horse. The owner made excuses for the dog…”he had never seen a horse before”.

    When this first happened, I recall there was a lot of coverage…I recall one small article where someone claimed that the pit bull had previously been aggressive with another dog, so the potetial for animal aggression should have been known.

    The SPCA rescue angels are completely delusional….they consistently prove that they cannot be trusted. The irony is, they don’t value all animal life as being worthy…..the lives of pit bulls are worth more to them, and they have no remorse when a pit harms another animal.

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