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  1. I want to thank dogs for being there because I have been very lonely since I lost most of one leg in a pit bull attack a few years ago. I was astounded that you just have to follow this site for a week to realize the true scope of this problem. I know all the emotions people are feeling that write in to the site. Why does anyone want a dog that can hurt people to this degree? They must all be irresponsible or have stopped carrying about people.

  2. Thank you for providing the public
    with accurate information. I think it’s very helpful for the public who believe that it’s all the irresponsible owner to read some of these stories. Many of these dogs have not been treated cruelly nor seen a dog fighter. I appreciate your work for the victims human and animal who take a back seat to the pit bull fanatics.

  3. DBO is being currently labelled a “Hate Site” by the Pit Bull special interest lobby…

    You’re dang right it’s a hate site!

    We hate it every time a another kid is loaded into a lifeflight helicopter or a neighborhood dog is predictably killed by a Pit Bull.

  4. The intimidating tactics of pit bull advocates have been silencing victims and whole communities for years. I applaud for giving us a place to not only speak out, but to also learn.

  5. The pit bull lobby does not care about human beings period. I’m very grateful for a site that has helped me a great deal. I was approached by a pit bull person in a grocery store. They told me not to speak out against this dog. I was upset over a child that had been horribly mauled by a pit that didn’t get enough exercise. Can you imagine owning something that will half kill someone due to a lack of exercise? Thank you dogsbite for telling me there are people just like me-who care about people!

  6. This is the ONLY public forum where victims, and their friends and supporters, can engage in any meaningful dialog about the “pit bull” problem. In all other public forums, the well-organized breeders/dog fighting lobby shouts down victims and their supporters with false statistics, bogus science, and ultimately, threats.

    The pro-pit lobby, which is primarily backed by dog fighters and back yard breeders, is losing ground and getting more desperate as public opinion clearly favors public safety over preserving criminals rights to breed these dogs. As more and more communities ban the dogs, dogfighting and breeding operations will be forced into neighboring communities, which will be forced to ban them also when incidents of gruesome attacks happen. needs to keep up the good work of supporting victims and compiling information that tears apart the lies promoted by the for-profit breeder lobby. This site can be a useful tool for anyone who wants to present information to the public officials in their own community if they are considering regulating pit bull type dogs.

  7. Thank you The pit bull groups have their own forums and won’t tolerate facts that contradict the agenda. I was told that I should shut up if I’ve never owned a pit bull. I still say they should shut up if they’ve never stood in the smeared pools of blood after a child has been killed by one.

    Amen from a paramedic and a proxy Amen from the P.D. We are with you.

  8. I’m on this site for the first time. My daughter was bitten by a pit bull today. The owner fought franticly with the dog and could not stop the attack. Pit Bulls should be used for target practice.

  9. I am afraid. New renters moved in
    next door to us. They have to huge
    pitbulls. Our fence is four foot high. The pitbulls attempted to leap the fence at my husband walking in our own back yard. What can we do to protect ourselves. We
    have nine grandchildren under the age of ten years old and a three pound chihuahua ? Is it legal to shoot them if they come into our yard? I don’t own a gun but I am so
    afraid that I am thinking about purchasing one. I hate to kill anything but after hearing and reading so much on these dogs how else do you deal with these animals ?

  10. Thank you for such a great website! I have being looking all over the internet for the truth about pit bulls, and yours is the only one I’ve found.
    I regret that I used to own one several years ago. We found it under our car when it was a tiny puppy. I didn’t know anything about the breed, just that they were “misunderstood.”
    The puppy growled vicously whenever it played – that should have told me something. It always had loving care, food, shelter, walks, a large yard – we never abused it.
    I guess I was blind to many warning signs. One day I witnessed him chasing the meter man out of the yard – I should have gotten rid of him then, but I thought “he’s just being a good guard dog.”
    Then, one day, he chased some very good friends out of the yard, coming close to biting one of them (thank God he didn’t). I took him to the pound two hours later. Now, after going over this website, I am fearful that he may have been adopted out and since he has an agressive nature, could be one of those dogs that have bitten or killed someone.
    I wish to God that I had had him put down instead of taking him to the pound. The public needs to be made aware of the pitbull breed. I wish I had known sooner.

  11. Thank you! Finally someone with the balls (or ovaries) to tell the truth about these vicious beasts.

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