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7 thoughts on “Screenshots: Pit Bull Scales Fence, Terrorizes Neighbor

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  1. The series of photos of the pit bull jumping the fence and its bathrobed clad owner coming onto the victim’s property to retrieve the tenacious pit bull is prime evidence of a dangerous dog. The victim should list the animal control agency in his jurisdiction and the response he has/has not received, so that supporters could call the animal control agency and local media, demanding an explanation of why a resident should be a prisoner in his own home. Any attorney could file a civil action in the local court seeking a restraining order against the neighbor/irresponsible dog owner.

  2. That is one beserker that needs the purple needle. The dumbass owner in the bathrobe is the textbook example of a Pit Nutter in denial. He’s not even phased by what his dog just did!


  3. WOW! The look in that dog’s eyes…

    I hope this man’s slide show resolved the problem once and for all. And if it didn’t, I hope he traded his camera for a shotgun.

    btw, That is NOT a 6 ft fence! It is a joke that pit bulls do not come with mandatory restrictions on fencing. Any height chain length is insufficient to contain these dogs.

  4. Jurisdictions that think a 6’ fence or any amount of chain link fence is adequate for pit bulls should understand this:

    “We have a few dogs that can bite right through chain link. Watuka can rip the chain link loose from the frame in about one minute or she can rip through the center of the chain link itself in about 5 minutes.”

  5. Good point…These dogs need a serious infrastructure to be safely contained.

    A google search for “Pit Breaks Chain” produces 133,000 hits.

    “Pit Bull Jumps Fence” produces 65,700 hits.

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