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7 thoughts on “Family Pit Bull Mauls Boy; Life Flight Needed

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  1. His mother, Victoria Ambrose, said that the attack was a shock. She said she didn’t think the dog would “turn on my child.”

    Tell it to CPS Honey!

    Gotta wonder if she was “educated/indoctrinated” by the Shelter Staff…That dog doesn’t look like a mix either….

  2. Agree Jersey. Sue the adopting agency for foisting this beast on the naive.

  3. If they were naive. Maybe they wanted a pit bull. With all the media attention, how would anyone not know the danger involved. Most people want these dogs for this very reason. The parents should be prosecuted for this, as should the people that adopted out a deadly animal.

  4. There was an animal control failure here also…Why didn’t A/C pick up the dog after the first bite?!! Especially in a state where Pit Bulls are legally classified as viscious animals…

    When are they going to realize that a human aggressive pit is a true “THREATCON A” situation, and the owner can’t be counted on to make rational safety decisions? They’ve already disqualified themselves from the responsible citizenry category via their breed ownership decision.

  5. This makes me think about a local story…a wealthy couple in Mass almost lost their child to foster care, because the child tested for high lead levels in her blood. The family had a million dollar home that was not deleaded…they insisted the child was poisoned by a necklace. They were refusing to delead, becaus they feared the dust created would make the problem worse.

    It was assumed that parents would know and understand the dangers of lead paint in the home…the child was almost removed from their custody. I believe owners of pit bulls, when an incident happens, should have their children removed by CPS….why is an “accidental” case of lead poisoning treated differently than an “accidental” dog mauling? No one can honestly claim they “didn’t know” pit bulls could be dangerous. Once a pit bull shows aggression,even to someone outside the family, CPS should get involved if there are children in the home.

  6. Because dogs are presumed by the law to be domesticated and docile. Not true for the Pitties, they are more dangerous than their wild counterparts!

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